Question about the ending of this game (no spoilers)

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Does this game have the same kind of thing with the endings as P4 where it wants you to do/pick some specific things? Do I need to be really careful and specific about something so I don't miss the true ending by accident? Does this game even have a true ending or multiple endings? No spoilers please, I'm only some 40 hours into the game.

I hope someone sees this and can answer because I'm afraid of spoiling the end if I go googling for this myself. I already did that for Kotor 1 when googling for advice on some sidequest and maaaan was I bummed when one of the bigger plot twists in video games got spoiled.

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Not really. There are essentially two endings and the routes are pretty clear.

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If I remember right there's only one choice that affects the ending. Just choose not to do "it", what "it" is will become pretty obvious when it asks you.

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No. There are two distinct endings and they're extremely clear, chosen by a dialogue choice.

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Sweet. Thanks for the answers.

I always thought that P4's way of handling the ending was about the worst way to go about it. Unless Jeff and Vinny made it seems like a way more obscure thing than it actually is. Having to suddenly pick the one right choice from multiple dialog options seems like a sure way to get most of the people who play your game to miss what is the true ending and a pretty major twist on the whole story and what the whole game meant. Especially since in the past 100 hours you spent with the game the dialog options really didn't mean anything and in some spots they even hardly changed the dialog that comes right after them. Good to hear P3 doesn't pull the same trick.


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