Save file gone

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So I have been playing Persona 3 Fes for the past few weeks (on my PS3 and not the downloadble PS2 classic one, this was off the disc) and 50+ hours in, my save is gone. I have no idea at all what happened and just feel destroyed. If anyone at all has any advice then please let me know since I really dont want to play everything again... :(

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Womp womp

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That really does suck. I'm only 15 or so hours in at the moment, but I can understand the pain you feel. Did you ever play Legend of Dragoon? I accidentally deleted my save file as soon as I got to the fourth disc, it was completely crushing. I never got that far in the game ever again, and I regret that. Your thread is making me consider going back and actually beating that game. It's been at least 10 years since that fateful day, I'm going to go recapture my childhood.

You should give it a couple days and then start over. I have the downloadable version (have it for Ps2 as well, but my ps3 isn't backwards compatible and the convenience of having it on Ps3 was worth spending another ten bucks on it.) so I don't think I could send you my save file or anything, but I'm not sure if you'd want that. The whole point of Persona is that its your social links, your persona fusions and your quests.

Good luck man, sorry about that :(

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This has been a known issue for a while. The only advice available is to keep 2 copies of your save file and keep a previous save file as well. A little too late for you now though.

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Are you playing on a PS2 or are you emulating?

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@psylah: I am playing it on my PS3 but off the disc.

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@psylah: I am playing it on my PS3 but off the disc.

PS3 has multiple emulated memory cards, doesn't it? Maybe the save is on one of the other fake cards?

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@psylah said:

@noobsauceg7 said:

@psylah: I am playing it on my PS3 but off the disc.

PS3 has multiple emulated memory cards, doesn't it? Maybe the save is on one of the other fake cards?

I didnt switch memory cards and I see the data there, but I cant copy it to other memory cards. Still heartbroken but am just going to run through it quickly to where I was before.

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I feel your pain. I was playing that game super hardcore and getting everything I could along the way. Then like 4-5 hours from the end my PS3 that I had just bought like a month before for $300 YLOD on me with the dam game disk in the machine and I couldn't get it out. A call to Sony tech support and another $300 later I had my PS3 "fixed" -I'm pretty sure they just exchanged it with a new one as the case was perfect and had no scratches on it when it came back- and all of my save files were gone. To this day I don't know how that game ends and I didn't enjoy it enough to want to put all those hours back into it. I think I was like 50-80+ hours in when it died iirc.

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If I remember correctly some PS2 games have a problem with the PS3's emulated PS2 memory cards. Persona 3 is one of those games, at least the downloadable version does. I had my file go corrupt WHILE playing the game. Sucks man.

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