The Answer- Is it worth it?

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Maybe some of you might recall about a week or so ago, I requested help on Nyx. Well, I beat her a couple days ago and was wondering if I should play The Answer. Persona 3's story felt amazing to me. Would The Answer ruin my vision of it, or does it work well? I'm already aware of it's gameplay elements and whatnot. I just want to know how well it fits in.

So, bottom line question: Should I play The Answer for the story or just go to P4?

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If the story felt amazing, I would say do not even bother with The Answer. It does address some narrative holes in the story and continues the narrative. So if some stuff irks you about the story, The Answer might be for you.

Personally I didn't like it. I never got into the main character of The Answer, I didn't really feel the narrative holes needed addressing, and the lack of social linking just didn't do it for me.

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@C2C: Thanks, based upon what you said, I'll just skip to P4 and play The Answer if I'm ever in the mood for a challenging Dungeon Crawler.

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Go on youtube and listen to The Answer's music.  It's pretty good.

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@SunArcana: I might be one of the few that found appreciation for The Answer playing it right after The Journey, but I definitely was a little exhausted trying to truck through it immediately after The Journey, so your reluctance to go through with The Answer is reasonable. The Journey is completely satisfying on its own and doesn't really need The Answer.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the whole perspective of it examining the aftermath of your actions, and how it affected certain characters.

You might find the most enjoyment out of it if you examine it after taking a break from Persona-type gameplay, because progressing through it is more apparently a gauntlet of battles than what one would expect from Persona and there's practically nothing else to do in the side such as social linking or enjoying school life in general.

Oh and congrats with Nyx, hopefully our advice from the other thread accomplished helping you with it!

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If you enjoy getting punched in the genitals repeatedly, then yeah.

In all seriousness, The Answer isn't worth playing. It's a grind-heavy dungeon-crawling slog with an increased difficulty and doesn't have any of the social elements of The Journey. The story could be viewed on Youtube, but that's not particularly good, either.

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@EquitasInvictus: This seems like a pretty good suggestion. There's some non-JRPGs I've been meaning to clear from the backlog. Might get me revitalized if I take a break from the genre. P3 was pretty long (By no means am I saying it overstayed it's welcome though lol).

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I really disliked The Answer. The ending of Persona 3 was so good, I felt where they went with The Answer spoiled it. I'd advise people to avoid it.

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I wasnt a fan of it either, it felt kind of soulless in comparison to The Journey.

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I enjoyed the answer :)

Which is odd. I do not generally like difficult games. I was hesitant to start the Answer based on everyones opinions...

However I am enjoying it immesly. I took a break between P3 and The Answer. Waiting to finish the answer prior to playing P4. I think the story snippits a great at the end of each leg, and am not finding it that difficult. Had a few unlucky KO's but other than that. not too bad. As you get further in it gets easier because you make great personas (Hello Odin + Thundereign + +4 magic cards x5).

I find the battles enjoyable, so dont mind a bit of grinding.

Worth it imo.

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Question and didn't want to create a new thread but...

I have FES and P3P, I played P3P several times, will I have to play all the way through FES to play the Answer or is there an option to play it from the menu?

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Question and didn't want to create a new thread but...

I have FES and P3P, I played P3P several times, will I have to play all the way through FES to play the Answer or is there an option to play it from the menu?

yes you can boot straight into the answer

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@nightriff: there's an option on the menu so you don't have to play the journey again. Although there is an option to import a save but I don't remember what exactly it gives you.

Personally I just watched a lets play with the combat mostly edited out because I wasn't interested in a dungeon crawl.

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