The King's screenshot journey through Tartarus.

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The number of images on this page is making my browser scream.

Just keep bumping it until we get to page 12!

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I'd say it gets sexier from here, but well, how do you top yesterday?

"Hint hint."
So then why does Aigis' Persona just spam Fatal End and Heat Wave?
Perfect for a dog to carry in its mouth.
"He has since escaped. If you see a blue-haired high school male, contact the police immediately."
I done fucked up the Social Links, didn't I?
"So why are you out so late? Preparing for the eternal darkness that's death, I take it?"
"What's that, Koro? You sense an other-worldly presence?"
Have Yukari and Junpei switched places over the course of the game?
Given how easily Brooklyn keeps escaping jail, I'm surprised Kurosawa hasn't been fired.
Wait, TOMORROW? What happened to Sundays?
And you haven't even entered the theater, yet.
"You had no idea she was that flexible."
"So stop stroking it in that pocket."
What item? Use the power of your imagination to be utterly disgusted.
"I didn't even know you could get Doctor Shameless around here."
"Such deep, inviting, eyes. And that....excuse me. I attend to."
Turns out the reality is far more unnerving.
Apparently, special reports don't count.
It was around here that my characters began equipping themselves out of nowhere. Would have been a big help at any other point in the game.
OK, I can atually imagine this guy performing a sexy dance......Don't read too much into that.
Is it the sword or the flower? You need to be more specific.
I HAVE SEVERE self confidence issues.
"Logically speaking, Chihiro should have killed you LONG ago."
You were keeping count?
Wait, why would I want to fuse avocados?
Is Masakado an ancient psychic tandem war elephant? Please tell me it's an ancient psychic tandem war elephant.
To summon Masakado. How lazy.
"Let my soulless grey eyes just look at you while the narrator says that."
I never did figure out what the "but" does.
That's not gonna stop Brooklyn from trying, though.
"You know, maybe you SHOULD have killed Ryoji. Just sayin', maybe it wouldn't have been so bad."
Courtesy of me.
It's been such a long time that I doubt it would still be sexy.
"What do you have against cultural diversity, Yukari?"
I was going to say something else, but looking at Junpei's eyes, it looks like he's already been brainwashed.
Has the entire dorm gone hardcore Christian?
I can still count on you, Fuuka.
"I want to watch it all burn." "Dat's my goiyl!"
Trust me: nobody wants another reversed Link, at least with you.

So what exactly were they watching at the movies?

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A cheap Simpsons reference, that's what. Oh, and regarding Keisuke: I've done some research on his reversing and...well...


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Oh joy. Another Junpei/Yukari heavy episode.

I thought you said you WOULDN'T get mad!
"You are now my pack mule. Accept your reality, Brooklyn."
"Wait, why do I hate men, again? I was on good terms with my dad, wasn't I?"
"Is it about your mom?" "........No........"
"You just sit there, not saying a word, just looking at me."
She's gotta mark her territory.
Here is what I think of your love, Yukari.
Tanaka wasn't kidding, was he?
"Get me the fuck away from this crazy bitch."
"Well, that's just great. Exactly what I wanted."
"Suck it up, bitch. I heard what you were saying in those last two screenshots."
"The first session is free."
"All you have is underage drinking."
You mean addressing an abstract concept or imagined person? Real simple.
Make her feel like a failure.
Forum weapon ahoy!
It was in THIS screenshot that I realized Fuuka is ridiculously short.
No way THIS could go horribly wrong.
"That's all the time I'll need." "What was that?" "....Nothing."
"And lock the door behind you. Lock it REAL tight."
I think he knows how little I've been using him.
"You been getting your big boy hair?"
"I me-" "If you say something that's even remotely racist, I'm dragging you over this fence and tossing you as far as I can."
"Where are they getting such strong weed?"
What? Memory revision? The fuck is that coming from?
Shit. I guess he really WAS brainwashed.
"What a mistake."
Brooklyn then punches him square in the jaw just to be sure.
Brooklyn Rage's super-power: pregnancy.
"That's it. You better hope you can swim, Junpei."
Where's the "no" option?
More an emo.
"To tell the people praying that they have wasted their lives."
"On this exact spot that I am looking at."
Is this even Nietzsche? I feel like it's more Colbert.

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I grant you the ability to make an update today. That is all.

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Lacking a proper introduction, I might as well inform you of my progress in the original Shin Megami Tensei by stealing @mento's bit

"I, too, feel a strong desire to see everything engulfed in flames."
"Even though as a robot, I don't have feelings."
"She's a ROBOT!?"
Couldn't be bothered to make a new numeral, could you?
"This will never be relevant ever again."
"Although we will be once the legislation passes."
"I still find your face quite humorous, though."
"See ya."
"So don't count on me to fight Nyx with you."
"Are your children's gifts infected with Apathy Syndrome? Tune in at 11 to find out the truth."
"Why can't it be freeze tag? That would make things so much easier."
"He's part German shepherd. It should be no problem for him."
Uh oh. Koromaru's into it, too.
"From up here, nothing can escape my gaze."
Is that her "oh shit" face?
"You really should do something about it. I think all the fish here have cancer."
Specify which feeling. I want to know if this is heartwarming or terrifying.
That's what we're calling it? Seriously?
"And there aren't any washing machines in this dorm..."
"Don't tell a single soul. I don't want Junpei catching onto my plans."
"So this is where you've been hanging out with that slut Aigis, huh? I mean, wonderful weather we're having."
"Koromaru-kun would never take my Brooklyn away from me."
Is Junpei a narcoleptic? Why is he asleep in all my recent screenshots?
Scratch that. Everybody seems to be catching it.
"Owl is in Hell, and Koromaru has run out of fucks to give."
"...Strega has announced their possession of the Devil's Contract. Will Jet Set Radio be able to save the day?"
She's muttering that to herself, and Brooklyn just happened to overhear it.
You couldn't have come up with a clearer, less clumsy similie?
"And I have no sympathy for the non-believers."
"When I think of how she locked me in the school gym and exposed me to life-endangering circumstances, I don't want to join a cult."
"Wouldn't YOU want to be cursed by an angel to dance forever?"
You. It's you, Junpei, and you didn't even know it.
"What a pain in the rectum!"
Does that mean there's an army of Aigises just waiting to be activated?
"Turns out we didn't have enough booze to get EVERYBODY wasted, so the whole thing was cancelled."
Trust me: you do.
Who is Idaten and why did he leave his sandals lying around in Tartarus?
"Specifically, this one."
"Challenge people to duels and watch them collapse into nothing."

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Boy, NES graphics certainly were rough, weren't they?

Three weeks to go, huh? What is that, like seven more updates? I hope we get Mitsuru's first encounter with a hamburger in that time. So many opportunities for Sweep jokes.

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@mento said:

Three weeks to go, huh? What is that, like seven more updates?

Actually, this is set to end September 1st. We don't even get to Nyx until the end of the month.

I hope we get Mitsuru's first encounter with a hamburger in that time. So many opportunities for Sweep jokes.

................*runs off to change a ton of jokes around*

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@mento said:

I hope we get Mitsuru's first encounter with a hamburger in that time. So many opportunities for Sweep jokes.

Sweep jokes?! What about jokes involving me and my well known fetish for underage red headed video game ladies doing stuff with hamburgers?! I get no respect. No respect at all.

Oh, wait... Was that lovable quirk of mine not as well known as I thought?

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This may be the last time I make a Colbert reference. I know it won't be the last time I reference BioShock Infinite.

He's such a master, he doesn't even need fists.
What is it with all the recursive fusions in this game?
"I say to you in your prison within the void."
OK, now that's just mean.
In one alternate Columbia, Elizabeth's a dog. Go figure.
"Let's do it on top of whatever the hell this is."
"Which brings us to the subject of tonight's Word: NIHILISM."
"Who knew Natsuki was sporting such a thick bush?"
Right. "Read."
"I never knew we attended the same school."
Her explanation for this doesn't make any more sense.
"Suck it, Gourmet King!"
Told ya.
"Just to fuck with Olympiads."
I don't think Ken likes being referred to as "it's".
You know I did.
Where were you whenever the hell I first posted them?
"Maybe I should see a doctor. What do you think, first student who walked up to me?"
Huh? Where is this coming from?
"What's that noise coming from the closet?" "Oh, Stupei. Oh, Stupei!"
"An alcoholic dad and a slutty mom? The perfect match."
Are all her Social Links just eating out? Is she the Gourmet Queen?
"Is it customary to expose your genitalia in fast food establishments? Well, I don't want to feel left out..."
"Because it isn't for me."
How depressing is it that he can even tell?
You know, for a girl who comes from a rich family and is heavily involved in her dad's company, Mitsuru sure doesn't know shit about business strategies.
"Quickly. While its eyes are closed."
"I thought you were Junpei."
An awkward silence fills the air.
"I just go there to see the time-defying television."
No, and I don't think anybody else does.
"So? What's wrong with that." "Oh....uh....nothing. If you're into that sort of thing, I guess."
I think he just realized that your denial is far too deep to affect.
That's how Brooklyn tells her to go fuck herself.
"Man, fuck Fuuka and the others."
See? Look at that. Free chair, and they didn't bother inviting the others.
"I cannot understand why someone would get so worked up over Alone in the Dark."
Journalistic integrity? What the hell is that?
"What are these strange symbols you have laid before me?"
"Good luck paying now, assholes."

Oh, and that thing at the back of Wild Duck?

It's fucking blinking.

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Mitsuru "WAT IZ HAMBURGER?" Kirijo

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@hailinel said:

Mitsuru "WAT IZ HAMBURGER?" Kirijo

Poor Mitsuru. @sweep will never have a chance to be inside her.

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When was my 100th update? I lost track of that a while ago. Screw it. This is the new 100th update. THE NUMBER SYSTEM CAN EAT ME! THIS IS PERSONA 3! FES!

Even though it's a text article.
"Instead, she gives it all to you."
"Why's he taking so long with our damn food!?"
Not so loud. You might alert all two people in the restaurant.
"The only person worse than my my MOM."
Oh god, Aigis is going Christian on us.
"I'm not quite sure how I know this."
"Don't worry. I will make them admit the truth eventually."
A fact with which Brooklyn is intimately familiar.
Because there's a lot more to anything than just deciding on it?
"So where's our food? We've been waiting an entire day for some noodles."
"Fuck off. It's 1AM and I'm making five bowls of ramen. I'm not in the mood for any more."
Aigis usually reserves that amount for Koromaru, but today, she has to improvise.
He says in the most sinister tone imaginable.
What site?
"These findings are courtesy of the University of Deep in my Ass Tech."
You gotta give Brooklyn more time to respond.
Everybody knows that FOX News is in Strega's pocket.
Fuck with him while he sleeps.
"Like impromptu drunken bar fights."
But we both know you're not up to the task.
Look at how gangster that face is.
"I had no idea that you could command the wolves to do your bidding, Brooklyn-san. The night is yours."
They don't stand a chance.
Look at those faces. Truly, they are full of anger.
"Are you color-blind, Aigis?" "Yes."
"So that WAS a roofie in my drink!"
"Let me take care of them."
"We're real lucky. You don't want to be around when they've been drinking."
Well, you speak dog...
They're too busy creating mind tricks, it seems.
She gets her hand bitten in, like, two seconds.
She gets out lucky. Her hand is made of fucking metal.
"Don't fuck with me."
"One day, though, I shall join their pack. Just you wait."
"It's like my designers just didn't care."
What? Fish? Where's this coming from?
She enjoys the pain. Give it to her harder.
"Take this knife. You'll need it."

And immediately after writing these jokes, I found Jin on the Internet. Turns out he reviews old Sega games with a girl named Alpha. Gotta spread the word SOMEHOW. But don't worry about Takaya.

He's still spreading the word.

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I was finally able to load up yesterday's update! I've been giving my internet quite the workout lately, it seems. Is the source of all my internet's pain the BR ER? The Netflix instant? The online gaming? The comical and cute puppy and kitty gifs? The anime por... err I mean the regular porn?

No. It's the thousands upon thousands of P3 FES screenshots. That's the source.

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The Renegade Photo Drinking Game: Take half a shot every time I double post myself out of an update. Take a full drink when I post my updates later than I usually would (mid-day or even the next day). If it's @pyromagnestir dutifully bumping things, just chug the whole bottle. I want you to get alcohol poisoning, drinking game fool.

Bullshit. Since when has print journalism mattered?
"You know what I'll do if you forget."
"...and my prescriptions ran out a few weeks back, but you know how that is, right?"
The game says as narcolepsy strikes poor Brooklyn.
"Tell me, do I have to bring my own gun?"
Is that a challenge?
I'm shocked, too, Brooklyn.
What you can't see off screen is Kurosawa disguised as a tree.
"He's failing horribly, but the important thing is he's trying."
"Like my third testicle."
"With me." "Nice try, Brooklyn."
This thread, ladies and gents.
Stop it, Mitsuru. I already have too many pictures to use.
"Why do you think I end up in jail so often?"
We're fucking doing this.
"Nice tits, huh?"
"Whispering things in your ea-" "I already have, like, 9 guys for that."
For some reason, every time I look at this, I imagine him doing a Dracula "bleh" impression.
"I have a flower AND a feather. Clearly, I'm ready for anything."
Six times!
The cunnilingus horse. Of course.
Same here, Persona whom it took an hour of hard Internet research to create.
The deadly cheerleader pose.
I think I've found my playing card.
Also obtained Rhyming Skills x1.
"Why couldn't this violent rebellion continue for longer? *cry*"
How about we doze off? I can't deal with this nervous breakdown.
"Where are the samurai in that?"
"We've only suffered nuclear destruction, economic collapse, and who knows how many demon invasions!"
What's worse: Mewlie or how the game immediately labels her a cat lady?
Lady, I think your family has been playing a series of extremely cruel pranks on you for 90 years.
"I believe we should rectify this situation, even though you will no doubt object."
When did Brooklyn become a whiny bitch?
"Fuck that old lady and her dumb cat!"
There's a phrase for cat abandonment?
The Brooklyn Motto.
In terms of what? Walking distance?

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Don't call me dutiful. *angry glare

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Brooklyn's getting with all the ladies today. Yes, even Mewlie.

Yea, Aigis; that changes everything.
"Quick. Let's ride away on that blurry bike texture."
"You just do this religion thing, and I'll look the other way on it all."
"I think we can hump each other crazy in that shrine without Chihiro being any the wiser."
"...what the fuck, Brooklyn?"
"I didn't even know robots could do that sort of thing."
"What are those bumps down there, and why do they hurt so much when I touch them?"
"Let us go outside. I want witnesses."
Man, people can jerk it to ANYTHING nowadays.
Aigis has always been a spring sort of gal.
"Did the feminists get to you, too, Brooklyn?"
No wonder Takaya had to settle for Jin.
And not get a stern reprimand from me like I did for you, Yukari.
Quote of the year.
"Research has shown that looking like a complete dumbass makes you immune to Apathy Syndrome."
"Don't lie to me. I have you on camera."
You mean Aigis can speak cat, too?
"Could you repeat that? I couldn't understand your thick accent."
"I didn't know you were a furry, Broo-" "Tell a single soul, and I'll rip you apart and sell your body for scrap."
"I only had my 43 other cats to keep me company. Those were dark hours."
"That is one 'lonely' old woman."
"Turns out my designers forgot to program a dictionary into me. Is there anything they did even remotely right?"
"You can thank that socialist Muslim in the White House for that." "But we're in Japan."
"What were the designers of that dorm even thinking?"
Somebody call Chris Hansen or something.
"I had good results for the 3 years I spent on the run."
"To make typos in broad daylight..."
Take her into that blue hallway nobody ever goes down.
"That only one of us is leaving this mall alive."
Brooklyn needs to teach her better than that.
"After staring at her in disapproval for half the Social Link."
"You did WHAT with her?"
"Until people realized it was just a BB gun. Then they broke out into laughter until he left in shame."
"I hear it's good luck to have sexual relations at this shrine."
"I was trapped in one of those revolving doors all day and had no idea how to escape that nightmare."
"Did you go in the holy water, like I told you?"

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I think it's best to let one of the pictures speak for this update (without posting said picture, of course, because that would spoil things like crazy): "sacrifices, drinking, orgiastic festivals..."

"He sure was laughing a lot during Saw III."
Just show us where on the doll he touched you.
"Punch those flashbacks square in the jaw."
"Why didn't we do this when this line would have made some damn sense?"
Pulling out all the stops for Bebe, aren't you, game?
"Episode 48: Parallels! Turns out this shit has been an allegory for the game proper."
Nietzsche rears his mustached head once again.
"All of my friends have been taken up by the cult. Every last one."
Huh? What did you...
Wow, way to misinterpret my statement, Yukari.
Which "he"?
Nobody tell him the truth.
"Man, being dead must be a real blast."
Good thing I'm not taking you into the final fight, then.
Then why not just look in a mirror?
"Good to know I was right."
"...Uh...Xilka, Besa....Besa...(Damn it, how's the rest of that go?)"
But sometimes, it's the best.
"Turns out they adopted it all from China."
You really like to state the obvious, don't you, Edogawa?
"Aw hell yes!"
"Well, at least when she remembered which was which."
How does he know what Aigis and Brooklyn were doing that night at the shrine?
Well, two out of three isn't bad.
"But it tastes kinda salty. What have you been eating?"
"Truly, it was a better time."
Somehow, these are related.
Remember when Atlus tried to Americanize the fuck out of the Persona 1 script? Sadly, I do.
"Atlus was very clear on this: no Japanese names in the American release."
"I wanna have the squirts like there's no tomorrow!"
"I, too, wish to experience the squirts."
"I've seen your wanted posters all across town!"
Hopefully, I don't see more of him after this.
The narrator still calls him Kiyoshi.
That face just completes it.
"Because her apartment smells like Polygrip and cat pee."
"If not, then she will have to die alone and afraid."
Social skills? What the hell are those?
I agree, Aigis: Beauty of Destiny is a pretty bitching song.

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Can someone else please bump this? I'm still angry at being called dutiful.

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Can someone else please bump this? I'm still angry at being called dutiful.

How positively dutiful of you to bump this thread, pyro!

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Can someone else please bump this? I'm still angry at being called dutiful.

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Did that post correctly? I can't tell, this thread still loads slow as fuck for me. I can't see any images at all.

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I see two eyepatched little people flipping me off. Something must be going right.

"To blast other people?" "Quiet, Brooklyn."
"I'm not quite sure if your genitals are worth shooting off."
She has the right idea: leave this guy behind and never mention him again.
His eyes see the truth.
Is Aigis six?
"...because I can totally do that..."
Yes, Aigis is six.
" is Rage."
Actually, Aigis, they're quite usual.
Wait, what? Where is she getting this information? Did she stroke his hands between these updates?
Oh, sure, it starts off all fun and games, but soon, you're getting judgmental looks from the dry cleaners who had to clean all the fuck fluids from the bear costume you bought from a nearby high school.
Then why is its attack power so high?
"What food do you think we should try here?"
"Trust me. I looked up and to the right."
Well, I will, at least. I can't say much for the rest of you.
"Twenty minutes, and we haven't even SEEN a waiter. What kind of restaurant is this?"
"Becuase I think it's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." "....What?"
"It's the only way she'll stop stalking me." "Which one?"
"Us Kirijos killed our emotions back in '74."
"Do you know what Noba blood does to my growth rates? Through the freakin' roof."
"They sure did show it in a funny way, though........."
"Well, you do now."
"I can accept that sort of thing from Junpei, but from YOU?"
Or at least he pretended to.
She's having Kurosawa comb through your arrest records.
It takes the entire game for somebody to notice, and it turns out it's the dog. Brilliant.
Now they're gonna find out it wasn't Junpei making those stains.
"Have you been thinking about your future, Koro-chan? Don't lie to me; I have it all on tape."
Yukari doesn't know how dogs work, does she?
"Which room is this, again?"
"It bears a striking resemblance to the ones found in the bathrooms."
Man, are YOU an idiot.
And you.
And you. Again.
Yukari then grows an extra, ten foot long arm and goes on rampage as a bad Resident Evil villain.
"Yea, I can speak robot, too. How did you think I knew?"
"You think I'd keep a closer eye on Mewlie after what happened last time, right?"
An adventure that will become th-
Or something needlessly morose. That works, too.
As somebody who has actually had a few cats, I can tell you that she is out of her goddamn mind.

My adventures on YouTube have proven just how much Igor gets around:

Loading Video...

Or maybe Ash Ketchum is a Wild Card. Who can say?

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No, man, the Cat Graveyard is real. Thousands of cat skeletons as far as the eye can see. I believe it's under Jim Davis's house.

I forgot all about Mitsuru's dumb arranged marriage arc. I only recall that Social Link as far as eating hamburgers, and the ignorance thereof.

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The impossible happens in today's update. Junpei starts cutting himself.

"Yes, I speak cat. What of it?"
No, he only went out in search of death, Aigis. Huge difference.
"I sure am chipper after telling two relative strangers about the death of my cat."
"That's not a word, Aigis." "Guh?"
"You still have your grandson who will never visit you."
Fragile Dreams in a nutshell.
Wait, Mewlie is a girl's name? I'm still trying to comprehend that it's a name at all.
"I'm not a cat whisperer, Aigis."
Why are you getting so philosophical about a damn cat, Aigis?
"Become a human. And the only way I can accomplish that is to devour human flesh."
"May I please eat your flesh?"
WHAT!? When was this!?
"I mean, what's wrong with me? Aren't I good enough for Mitsuru-senpai?"
Now Yukari's the better character. You don't have much time left to get your act together, Junpei.
"In fact, I had to pry your hands away from her heavily bruised throat."
"Should I correct that?" "I think you know the answer."
It gets worse.
"Did you...cut off your hand?"
"Yes. We had this entire private conversation just to fuck with your mind."
No, Yukari. Chidori.
"Do you even know where it is, Stupei?"
"....What the hell am I looking at, exactly?"
So says Doctor Yuri Lowenthal.
"Just danger of her dying in two weeks."
"And why do I feel such a seething rage in the pit of my stomach?" "Don't worry. That's natural."
"Only now, a couple of months after I died, do I reveal my last name."
"How does Chidori Iori sound to you?" "Terrible. Why do you ask?"
"Uh, doctor, I'm right here. I can hear everything you're saying."
"And stomach pumps and rehab..."
I might as well address it here: she sounds like a completely different person, like they had to hire a new voice actor for her when she died.
"It was the most disappointing dream I'd ever had."
Fuuka, did you drag Chidori's corpse back to your room for your own nefarious purposes?
"......*gasp*! COULD IT BE THIS ROOM!?"
"Can somebody tell me what's going on, instead of speaking like I'm not even here?"
"Man, were the other morticians pissed. I was almost fired for severe malpractice."
"No. Don't be ridiculous. That'd be the stupidest way to for somebody to come back."
"Or are you talking about some other girl who farts zombie flowers?"

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Weird, I've never seen that scene with undead Chidori before. Was that something that was only in FES? It's not in the original or in P3P as far as I know...

#577 Edited by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Weird, I've never seen that scene with undead Chidori before. Was that something that was only in FES? It's not in the original or in P3P as far as I know...

I think? All I know is that you have to speak to Junpei on certain days before Chidori's death in order to get it. I think I missed a few, but apparently got enough of them to activate this.

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I didn't know it was possible for Chidori to come back to life

#579 Posted by Turambar (7149 posts) -

@turambar said:

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Is the scientist guy a robotic monkey, or is he always shitting out an electrical cord?

He's the sentient hologram of the pilot's dead grandfather.

#580 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -


It took you this long to respond to that?

Also, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

#581 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Man, I'm getting downright esoteric with these references, aren't I?

For some context, he asked her "How do you want to live", not "Do you want to live".
"You really think you two will somehow just click with each other? What if you don't even get along? Maybe you won't understand each other. Maybe you'll hate each other. Relying on your faulty language to communicate? You humans will never fully understand each other! And you still want to see him, knowing that?" "Oh dear god, whose idea was it to bring Aigis with us?"
"Will somebody escort the douche-y looking one out of here?" "You heard her, Mitsuru."
"Too bad it didn't really happen in this room."
"Fuck God; that's why."
".....What is he doing?"
Hell if I know; we spent the whole day focusing on Junpei while Brooklyn presumably did jack shit.
"The Simpsons's something else, ain't it?"
"Prepare to shed those unsightly pounds right off when you spiral into crippling depression!"
Says the girl who surv...was in a zombie apocalypse.
The only fusion spell I accidentally discovered.
"I'm not even a special Persona, but I still get a special phrase. Suck it, everyone else."
"Wenn du lange in einen Abgrund blickst, blickt der Abgrund auch in dich hinein, Herr Brooklyn."
Gives birth to a Hindu deity, somehow. Go figure.
"Keep that damn box away from me, man."
Apparently, the Lunar Heavenly Messanger is a frigging robo-angel. Makes sense.
I want to say it's glorious, but the hell's up with that bowl cut? THIS DOES ME NO JUSTICE!
Oh, fuck you, Persona 3. Fuck you in all the areas that are fuckable.
"Well, I WAS until my fucking 'daaaad' got sick on us."
"It affects more than your genitals. Did you even know that?"
"I'm the only teacher you can trust. Remember that."
We saw it coming from a nautical mile away. You deserve all the looks you get.
Why the cartoony hair? And everything else?
Somebody put her on suicide watch, quick! I want to be there when it happens!
"You watch domesticated animals trap Aigis in a circle, refusing to help her out of this strange scenario."
He then knocks Brooklyn back into the infinite void I apparently captured in this screenshot.
Fun fact: more students have killed themselves up here than have graduated. Well, less fun and more horrifically morose, but a fact's a fact.
You don't have to tell Brooklyn.
More times than any of us can possibly count.
"I don't care what you do with other females. Honestly. It does not bother me in the slightest."
"I can't imagine all those whirring fans and belts would be safe for humans to touch."
"But in a JRPG, I'm the manliest looking character out of them all."
Is that why Yukari's the only girl to reverse with me?
Try explaining that to Chihiro. Or Yuko. Or Elizabeth. Or Yukari. Or any other female character.
"She's muttering really fast, and her body's shaking a lot."
Loading Video...

#582 Posted by Mento (3138 posts) -

I forgot Asura was in this game. That guy gets around. Dude's even a lady in FFIV.

What's the deal with the I. M. Meme stuff? I mean, just in general. Seems kind of ironic for YouTube to latch onto a game all about correct grammar.

#583 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

@mento said:

What's the deal with the I. M. Meme stuff?

Zelda CD-i spillover, pretty much. Plus that dance, man. How can you NOT tell other people about that jittering he probably calls a dance?

#584 Posted by Mento (3138 posts) -

That was a dance? I figured that library was incredibly cold (because he's too mean and cheap to pay the gas bill) and he had to keep moving to keep up his blood circulation. I mean the sequel is called Chill Manor so I just assumed.

I remember back when every bad guy in an animated feature had to have an expository song about how much of a bad guy they are. You need to spell it out for kids sometimes. Especially in games about spelling.

#585 Posted by Turambar (7149 posts) -


It took you this long to respond to that?

Also, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

I didn't check this thread for awhile and apparently the site notification for messages when someone replies to you got reset back to "off". Also yeah. Does it help when I tell you that the power for the Big Bang Punch literally comes from the amputated arm of Zeus?

#586 Edited by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

@turambar said:

Also yeah. Does it help when I tell you that the power for the Big Bang Punch literally comes from the amputated arm of Zeus?

Loading Video...

#587 Posted by pyromagnestir (4382 posts) -

I got to this image:

and then I had the sudden urge to go check out the price of El Shaddai on Amazon. It's 20 bucks. About 13 if I buy it used... Wait a sec, the fuck am I doing?

#588 Edited by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

There are only two constants in this world: death and Aigis.

"So far, none have objected to my presence." "How many knew you were there?"
Somebody get the Blue Fairy up in here.
"Dat ass."
"Would you like to hear it again?"
"In the tub."
Good luck trying to Photoshop urine into THIS.
"Because everybody else found out."
"You decided to walk home and let Yuko go back to her sleepwalking."
Pounding 'em down, I imagine?
I'd still like to hear her try.
"On that clock that is clearly visible from our current angle."
"I really should get rid of those security cameras."
I think I just gave her that creepy hair doll.
"Is it just me, or does my hand smell fuckin' delicious?"
"That's how you get in bed with the ladies."
"A lifetime of depressing masturbation awaits him."
Did somebody mix up Kenji's dialogue with Fuuka's? Is Fuuka gonna condemn the feminists sometime soon?
"Trust me on this."
Given what happened last time, I doubt that's going to happen again.
"Then stop going to church."
Then you ARE stupid.
"I just can't stand another second working with all these fucking teenagers. You know what I mean?"
"Something about Japan never really accepting Christ or some other hogwash."
If ever I needed a screenshot to summarize Japan, I'd probably find another screenshot.
How? You don't have a computer or papers or anything.
"I'd like to phone a friend." "That joke is 12 years too late."
Wait, didn't this exact same thing happen at the beginning of Persona 2?
"Otherwise, join the circus or something. I don't really care."
Just in case you forgot.
She's saying that from experience.
Is she hitting on Brooklyn? I like where this is going?
"All the horse steroids I've been downing."
The rewards of a friend's death.
You want specific reactions? Go fuck yourself for having such high expectations.
"I can't hold my liquor very well."
"I mean, I can expect that sort of thing out of Ken, but Akihiko?"
Nope, not awkward or overly forward in the slightest.
"But now, I am far less logical."
"I had absolutely no feelings for you. Your delusions are your own problem, Brooklyn."
"I think Death left some stuff behind in you."

#589 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Number of in-game days until we get to see Nyx (going from yesterday's update): six.
Number of actual days until we get to see Nyx (going from today): four.
Now how in the fuck am I faster than the game is?

Maybe stop putting it in quotes and you'll figure it out faster.
That is why I will play The Answer.
"Anything to get back at my mom. Wait, whose script is this?"
What are you...
That's not an "I'm not wearing any underwear" face. This is gonna be weird.
"I'm not your first, am I?" "*burst of laughter*"
Not really. My old school had a pretty good rice ball program.
Somebody explain sexual harassment to poor Fuuka. (And how this joke is supposed to make sense.)
"They meant WHAT!?"
"But that redhead said we aren't allowed to pee indoors."
"Get this clingy bitch away from me, man." "What was that, Koromaru?"
Even Animal Planet. "Strega's Call. Also, Cats and Shit."
"Sometimes, the two cloud textures swap places."
"I'm not crazy, am I?"
You're insane.
How hilarious.
"But many of them are incredibly similar."
Nietzsche as fuck.
"Alright, enough practicing. Time to say it for real."
"Believe me, I've tried."
Because if you could be touched, you'd have a thousand sisters filled with infinite shame and regret.
"Even when I close my eyes, you're all I see. WHAT IS HAPPENING!?"
Aigis REALLY needs to stop touching herself.
"After her confession of love, you can feel Aigis' strong feelings towards you."
"Your hugs suck, Brooklyn."
They were delicious.
"They've already taken pitchforks to our cameramen and are demanding their souls back."
Akihiko's a lot like an idiot, in that he's an idiot.
Do any of us?
Believe me, I'm surprised I can make so many jokes, too.
Damn, Yukari. You cut deep.
Apparently, Plato's ideal is +10 to all stats.
Is it objectification if the woman in question is literally an object?
The narrator doesn't like watch teens fucking. It reminds him of all the opportunities he's missed in life.
Well, at least she's prepared in case a fire breaks out.
"More confused. Why do you need so many tops but only the one skirt?"
You mean all those bullets aren't heartwarming?

#590 Posted by Turambar (7149 posts) -

"More confused. Why do you need so many tops but only the one skirt?"

I'm pretty sure there are skirts on each of those racks as well.

#591 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Let it be known that we are all perverts.

*dun dun DUUUUUUUN*
"I can do things to you they can only dream of."
"But then I realized the greater the differences between me and Yukari, the better."
How to fit her fist in her mouth.
This better not be fucking terrifying.
"Chihiro ain't got shit on me."
Forever and ever and ever.
She just remembered what happens when Brooklyn enters a room with a girl.
"This $.05 burnt screw means the world to me."
I think I'm a better person for not knowing what kinky sex act she wants to try with Brooklyn.
Do I even need to add anything to this? It's unsettling enough as it is.
It's basically Takaya if he was much hotter.
What's that even mean?
"Did you bring a condom? Because even robots can get pregnant."
"Wrap your hands around it and squeeze as hard as you can. IT TURNS ME ON, BROOKLYN!"
Apparently, her creators just put her brain in there for shits and giggles.
"I came up with the name myself........I'm guessing that look means I shouldn't have done that."
"But I see no harm in trusting it around somebody quite literally named Rage."
"Ram your finger in and twist it. I WANT TO FEEL THE PAIN."
Exposing highly sensitive equipment to oils and dead cells? What could possibly go wrong?
"I thought I saw something."
"How is this going to work? This angle makes no sense."
Be glad that I couldn't capture her guttural caterwauling in this screenshot.
No way THIS could backfire.
Is somebody taking pictures of this? Besides me?
What's the opposite of premature ejaculation? Because Brooklyn has it.
"Come at me, bro. I'm made of fucking metal."
THIS IS NOT WHAT I WAS PROMISED. (Also, I don't think I've ever heard of that particular entry in the Shining series.)
What a weak spell pose.
"Eh, the world's ending this Sunday, anyway. Why bother fixing past mistakes?"
Who? Who says that?
Was the Captain N version of Pit part of the localization team...icus?
I didn't know the Pope was called Metatronius.
Setting the bar low, are we?
Said in the most needlessly bitter tone imaginable.
"Hahahaha, what a lonely bitch."
Where is this coming from, exactly?
Well, I have to imagine a motorcycle would fuck up hair that long.
Loading Video...

#592 Edited by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

The world's ending within the next few updates, but Mitsuru's got something else on her mind.

She's referring to the motorcycle. Given the fact that nobody even remembers her using it, I'd say it's a job well done.
"You said that to me."
...Is she up for more?
His username is Tatsuya, so it's obviously yes.
"...I must adhere to the stereotypes of our people."
"In other news, the police fucking suck at their jobs."
Koromaru has run out of fucks to give.
Well, except for that whole Nyx thing.
"For the love of god, get me away from her. I'm fucking begging you."
And Fuuka spends this time just running around in circles like a dumbass.
This is what happens when you dump all your stat boosting items into one Persona.
And for good measure.
She's not convinced that the library doesn't serve food.
What astute powers of observation, narrator.
Mind lending some of that power to Brooklyn?
"I say we split the money between ourselves and tell the rest to suck it."
Rather, created from the scraps of Mamoru's victims.
That's good for business, right?
"Sounds like a plan."
Would you want him to?
Fuck the end of the world. We're going on a journey of self discovery!
"The world is ending, but that's still no excuse to see some floozy behind my back."
Apparently, Aigis and Koromaru don't count.
Because Brooklyn is a psychic wizard who can control people's emotions directly.......Please let that be the case.
"The rich get richer and the poor get children. How're ya feeling?"
And then promptly get arrested.
And it was here that I noticed what the hell's going on with Asura's crotch.
Gee, where could you have gotten THAT idea?
Too bad I can't go there and see it for myself.
"Because I have no faith in our ability to succeed whatsoever."
"Fuck logic! I'll do what I want!"
Does anybody understand how mind wipes work?
You sarcastic turd.
For tomorrow's update. (This would work well if this was actually the last picture.)
"Just sneak up behind him when he's not looking, and then plant the knife in there before he knows what hit him."

#593 Posted by Mento (3138 posts) -

So much for Mitsuru's motorcycle story. We'll always have Wild Duck Burger.

Anyway, looking forward to watching some Nyx at Nite. And then the sociopathic insanity of The Answer to follow. You ever see that messed up Azumanga Daioh version of the Drifting Classroom horror manga? That's what I remember The Answer's story being like.

#594 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@mento said:
You ever see that messed up Azumanga Daioh version of the Drifting Classroom horror manga? That's what I remember The Answer's story being like.

Oh my fucking god what. I need to read that.

#595 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

@mento said:

You ever see that messed up Azumanga Daioh version of the Drifting Classroom horror manga?

Should I post the Hotel Mario (ish) clip from before?

#596 Posted by Mento (3138 posts) -

@hailinel: Dude, no. The crucial part of that analogy was that The Answer kind of ruins the original characters by making them all weird and psychotic. I mean, Osaka was always weird, but ohhhh maaan I did not need to see what she did to the other characters.

That Azumanga thing is also quite, uh, lascivious. Obviously the writers had something more in mind than a simple parody. Like the poison nerve gas in The Rock, it's something I wish I could undiscover.

#597 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@mento: Fair enough. Drifting Classroom is just such a weird, horrific story on its own that the idea of it with Azumanga characters just made me go "Man, what?"

But your analogy does sound apt. The Answer was just a poorly written epilogue it was hard to believe that it was by the same staff.

#598 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Am I the only person who actually likes The Answer '-_-?

#599 Edited by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Bad news: no Nyx today.
Good news: we get to murder Strega.

"We're coming for you, Namatame! Or is this The World That Never Was?"
Yea, that blog sure was...something...
"Is that how child birth works? I had no idea."
Fuuka hasn't been paying attention to a damn thing this entire game.
"Sorry that I had to get so close, but I AM nearsighted."
Guess what happens? (He never shuts up.)
I know you're not finished; I saw your HP bar.
"Let's leave him be. It IS past his bedtime, after all."
"You know, I have this brochure for counseling on abusive relationships..."
"It fucked up my eyes pretty bad, which explains the glasses."
And he told every judge in town that they shouldn't even bother.
"Sir, 97 children died as a res-" "DON'T STOP FOR NOTHING."
"In retrospect, that probably explains why he was such a bad planner."
You better hope they're weak to Agi.
"He does realize they reflect Agi skills, right?"
Poor Takaya. Did Nyx reject your sorry ass?
"I AM topless."
After fighting him, I can say for certain that he doesn't.
"That is why I wish death upon everybody in this world and destroy the moment."
"Do you even understand your own motivations? Huh? Do you?"
Well, apparently, Junpei doesn't, either.
You're not fooling anybody, Fuuka. We all know the REAL reason you've been missing school so much lately.
That Kirijo guy certainly can.
And that is why you fail.
Well, unless they're stabbed or something. Then they die pretty quickly.
"There's no way you can be my mother!"
Is Aigis going to betray us?
If Nietzsche was still alive, he'd probably be diving in a giant pool of royalty money, Scrooge McDuck style. (Or at least he'd believe it, given the craziness that struck him later in life.)
Guess what happens at the end of the game?
"We'll see who can sprach the most Zarathustras."
"Because I am."
"Sorry, I just....I just remembered the funniest joke...hahahahaha."
Have fun sleeping tonight.
Man, what a badass battlefield. Almost looks like something out of the first Persona.
Takaya's character model sure is a lot more mellowed out than his portrait ever is.
"What are you looking at?" "Nothing, baby. Why do you have to go there?"
That's for 80 hours of looking like a gecko-eyed Jesus.
"Did you honestly think the hand of God would do a damn thing to this svelte body?"
Guess who's destined to win?

#600 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

Am I the only person who actually likes The Answer '-_-?

Very likely, yes. I fail to understand what you like about it.

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