Aw shit. Something has gone horribly wrong...

#1 Posted by Beforet (3013 posts) -

Okay, so I can't load my game. I was at the point

when the game froze. Okay whatever. I quit the game and try again. I load the save file. It loads successfully, and then the game itself starts loading. You know that black screen with the spinning loading card in the corner? The one that typically takes about two seconds or less? I sit at that screen for five minutes before realizing that something is wrong(well, I realized that when it didn't immediately load, the five minutes just confirmed it). I quit again and start the game up again. I go into configure. The "Load install data" option is disabled. I enable it. The loading card appears in the corner, as it always does when I do this. It should only stick around for a second. After two minutes go by I quit the game again and delete the install data. I am now trying to reinstall the game. I have been sitting here to ten minutes and the progress bar has not changed at all.
My question is: Oh god what?! Why?!  Dammit! Eff! I put 70 hours into this file!

The only thing that I think could have triggered this was my PSP falling off of my desk not five minutes before the game froze. I don't know how that could have caused this though. Maybe the disk got fouled up on impact. In that case then I could just shell out forty bones for a digital copy and be done with this. Maybe. I mean, if the disk is irrelevant to all of this then I would just be wasting forty dollars. I can start a new game well enough. I just can't load or install it.
 Well gentlemen, what do you suggest? I am at a loss here.
#2 Posted by Beforet (3013 posts) -

Okay, so I went ahead and bought the PSN version. It was painful, but if I'm right then it's better than starting over and throwing away those 70 hours. And if I'm wrong...

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I've never had that happen but most likely something happen to the disk during the fall or even to the PSP itself. If it was the PSP if you have your stuff on a card you'd be fine, if it was the disk I suppose a digital copy is what to do. I would have seen if I could have rented another disk to see if it was that before I went into a rush to buy tho.

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Worst case scenario, your psp is broke, not the game. Or both... 
But i'd say that's unlikely.
#5 Posted by Beforet (3013 posts) -

Yes, it would have been a much smarter idea to rent another copy and see if that worked. That and I had not considered the possibility that the PSP itself would be the cause(though I would hope that a $200 dollar product would survive a short fall, but you can't tell with technology now can you). But I am an impulsive man in a society of instant gratification god dammit, so I took the risk. And what do you know, I was right! Score one for rushed, ill thought out purchases. Though I do lament the $80 I have now spent on this system. Thank you for your time, ladies and gents. Thank you.

#6 Posted by SpiralStairs (1020 posts) -

You're lucky it wasn't that the save was corrupted, or that would really suck D:
Have you beaten it before?

#7 Posted by Beforet (3013 posts) -

I beat FES, but this is my first time through Portable. And I was pretty sure that the save itself wasn't corrupted, because it wasn't showing up as "Corrupted Data" and the system was able to access it(kept saying "load successful" etc). It was pulling the data off the disc that was the problem.

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