Fifteen hours in as Persona 4 sits upon my desk.

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I really like this game, but having Persona 4, a brand new PS2 controller, and fancy component cables for my television readily available for use is starting to bother me. I picked up P3P on a PSN sale, and have really enjoyed what the game has presented me with so far, which is a game I'm sure to finish, but would starting Persona 4 be a poor idea? Fifteen hours is a decent amount of invested time as far as JRPG openings go, but I don't think it's enough to feel disappointed if I were to put it on hold for another game. Persona 4 accompanied with new PS2 equipment is really begging to be played.

Any thoughts?
(no spoilers, obviously.)

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I say stick with Persona 3 for now.
It's worth finishing.

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I think both games deserve to be played separately. Each game, despite similar gameplay, have a very unique tone that you should experiment fully, without mixing. 
Still if you feel tempted go for it! 

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P3P has cameos made by P4 characters.  Though then again, P4 has P3 cameo events as well.  Its all up to you, though I suggest sticking with the game you already started.

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