Have I screwed myself over for the final battle?

#1 Posted by MikeHawk (429 posts) -

This was my first persona game and I didn't read too much into the whole fusion system. I just messed around and tried to get high level personas by triangle fusing. Now that I'm on January 8th, I decided to see what kinds of ultimate fusions I can do, and it looks like I messed many of them up by not doing every quest from Elizabeth. My main personas that I use are Surt (Ragnarok), Odin (thunder reign), Loki (bufudyne and garudyne), Melchizedek (mediarahan and physical attacks) and Raphael (buffs), all in the low to mid 60s. My party and I are all lvl 67 right now. I was planning on leveling up my party to about lvl 75 before I took on the final bosses of the game. If i just continue to level up these personae, will they be powerful enough to finish the game? If personae with certain skills are needed, which ones would be the easiest to obtain?

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@MikeHawk: You'll be fine, Persona doesn't screw you over like that.  Just grind out and get a good mix of skills.
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no if you are around 75 you should be fine. the finals boss weakness changes so you just have to adapt

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You'll be fine, I got the best ending and I used Surt for a lot of the heavy lifting

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I'm pretty sure I got through the entire final battle spamming Mind Charged Thunder Reigns. Took maybe ten minutes. You should be fine. If levels are your concern, then unlock Monad and grind for a half hour, you'll hit 80 in no time. Hell, if you can beat the reaper then you probably have no worries any way.

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@MikeHawk: I tackled the final boss my first time through way under leveled. It took several hours (I had to leave the console on all night) but I did it. The next time I had a few extra levels and it went by fast. Your personas are good enough, you just need to grind. Grinding solves everything.
#7 Posted by MikeHawk (429 posts) -
@KaosAngel: ok good. I'm eagerly wanting to start P4 and I just wanted to get P3P out of the way first. Although I don't like grinding, it's better than not being able to beat the game at all.

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