How is S links changed?

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I played a decent amount of the orginal P3 and now that im playing P4A i want to go back and finish this game. So i thought the best way to change things up would be to get a cheap psp and play as a girl. The wiki page awnsered most of my questions but one. Are you still forced to date people to get s links? I hated this in the orginal. I dont have the fantasy of being a player and dating all these girls. Or guys in this case i guess. Also can i still date the girls if im a girl?

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I'm pretty sure you can only date the dudes as chick.

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You can't date the girls, although for some of the S.links, the dialogue isn't changed much from the original game, so if you're thinking in that direction, I guess they can be a bit suggestive, but you've got to be thinking that way for it to make much of a difference. Some of the female S.links are much better playing as the FeMC, especially Fuuka's, which is drastically different than it is in the MC version.

You do not have to get romantically involved with anyone, the FeMC route is different that way. Where with the MC, maxing out a female generally meant spending "a long time" with them in their room, with all of potential male romantic partners for the FeMC, there are pretty specific dialogue options you have to choose at certain events in order to get a romantic ending with them.

So, it's definitely not compulsory, but IMO, the S.links with Akihiko and Shinji are much, much more interesting if you do pursue the romantic options. Most people I know who've played the game, male and female alike, have been pretty touched by both of them. Those two S.links are two of the highlights of the female version of the game.

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Ok that clears up alot. One last thing. Will others still get jealous when you stop hanging out with them after you have maxed?

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I don't understand why you would even play this if you don't like doing the Social Links.

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Thats not what i was saying. I love the s links. In the orginal p3 alot of the girls you got s links with you had to have a romantic relatiomship with them. Or else the s link wouldnt progress. At least thats how i remebered it. Its been a while.

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