Is this game hard to get now?

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Been trying to import this game to the UK from, but it's been on "backorder with the supplier' for about a month now, I've looked on a few other American games websites and nobody seems to have it. Have they stopped producing copies of this game or something?
Anyone know a decent place to import this from or has become rare or something?

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It's listed as in stock on Amazon Canada, though I'm not sure how international shipping works from there. It's on the PSN in North America too, and there's all sorts of trickery you can use there (creating a different region account, buying PSN dollars for the right region, etc.). But, I'm sure if you dig around, you will find a place to import it, which I'm sure will be the easier route!

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Nothing is really hard to get. I could pick up a copy from Ebay for $30, though that's used. Personally, I'd probably try the PSP version first (if I still had a PSP).

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With PSN, nothing is hard to get! 
Well, unless you're a SE title, then you're impossible to get! D:

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Ah yeah, sorry, I meant to say I was looking for the PSP version. I was surprised (which is normally really reliable) is finding it so hard to source a copy.
Just tried to buy if off but they don't ship games to outside of Canada, Argh! :( Also, I'm really, really gonna have a search around to get the boxed UMD before I get it digitally, but thanks a lot for the advice, buddy! :)
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I wanted to try and get a copy of this in the Uk as well, I've been keeping up hope that it might come out in the UK on PSN eventually but I guess it probably wont after such a long time. 
I might take the digital route, I'm not sure how the American PSN will feel about taking my European card though :/ 

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@el_tajij: Oh, no you totally put it in the portable forum, that was my mistake.
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@Soap:  Apparently it was originally supposed to come out in March over here. But recently all release dates have slipped into 'TBA' mode! :(
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@el_tajij: if that is the case I may hold off on that for a while then, I'd much rather have a UK boxed copy and I wasn't planning to play that until pretty far into my stupid JRPG challenge. (this will mean nothing to you if you haven't read my crap blog lol) 
Thanks for the info though. 
#10 Posted by el_tajij (797 posts) -
@Soap: I have no idea if it's been cancelled or just delayed but yeah, I think March 11th was it's original release date over here! Also, I'm very, very much supportive of stupid JRPG challenges so power to you (and I hear P3P is a really freakin' awesome one, so don't miss out on it!) 
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Square Enix titles like FF: Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep are UMD only, and not available on PSN.
FF Type-0 will probably be UMD only as well. ;-; 
I got my P3P from PSN, works great! I need to continue that game at some point...

#12 Posted by el_tajij (797 posts) -
@ESREVER: Ah, Square Enix! Yeah, Crisis core and Birth by sleep were tough to come by for me as well (especially since I'm not a fan of buying used) - so had to go online for my copy! Jealous of your P3P! Apparently it might be harder for someone in the UK to get something off the US PSN than I least without ending up committing fraud by claiming to live in the US! :(
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It's available on psn, so no its not hard, unless you don't have 20$- 30$...

#14 Posted by el_tajij (797 posts) -
@spankingaddict: Because I'm importing it - have you (or anyone) been into your local game stores and noticed if there's any on the shelf or whatever? 
I was kinda wondering if many copies had been produced or if it's a really hard to find game in general. I'm sure the fact that it's on PSN means shops probably aren't bothering to stock it.....
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WOOHOO! Found a dealer inside the UK who imports games and just bought me copy - pretty happy right now! \o/

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I got this months ago by using my US PSN account and a $40 PSN card, cost me about £20 in total or around that. 
Downloaded straight to my PSP, job done.

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@Ygg: I'm something of a boxmaniac - can't stand not having a hard copy of games (especially ones that I'm really into/hyped to play) and love the art and stuff so I'm pretty chuffed with finding a copy. Don't you need a US postal address to buy something of the US PSN? = /
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@el_tajij said:

" @Ygg: I'm something of a boxmaniac - can't stand not having a hard copy of games (especially ones that I'm really into/hyped to play) and love the art and stuff so I'm pretty chuffed with finding a copy. Don't you need a US postal address to buy something of the US PSN? = / "

Yep you do, I don't really have room for more boxes and I hate the shape of the PSP ones, they don't go very well next to normal DVD cases. D: 
Sony don't care, you are still paying them money really. It's hardly fraud! 
+ UMDs just suck more battery power and have longer loading times
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@Ygg: I'm more worried about the dodging tax/VAT thing, I don't know, I guess no major problem since lots of people seem to do it and I finally managed to a secure a boxed copy so everyone's happy now I guess! ;) 
And PSP cases fit perfectly next to PS3 cases! \o/
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It can't be that rare, on my trip over to America from England in January, i had no trouble tracking down a copy at a random Gamestop in Syracuse, NY. they told me of a number of Gamestop stores that had it in as well.

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