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So just one more week until persona 4 hits shelves/Psn. Tho I played persona 4 all the way threw, never had a chance to give 3 a go. But are the characters and story better/worse or just as good as persona 4's. Also is it true that it is longer then persona 4? Kinda wanna play threw it twice, once as the guy then the second time the girl.

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I liked the story for three.  Played through it and I'm now going through four.  They changed the combat system so it is like four so thats better.

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I think P4 has slightly better characters than 3, but theres nothing wrong with anybody from 3. I think the biggest difference would be the dungeon setup, 4 definitely improved on that.

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The only interesting characters in P3 were your teammates and a few of the supporting characters. Story more darker and it is longer.

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I think the story is technically about the same length. I thought it was more fun than Persona 4's story, but that's actually saying a lot given the awesomeness that is Persona 4. Definitely darker and somewhat generic feeling, so it may not be for everyone. I can tell you there are at least 2 scenes funnier than pretty much anything I've ever seen in a game.
Can't freaking wait to get it. I'm going to try and blow through it ASAP as the female lead. Really interested in seeing some of the fairer sex's romances play out. If you've played the game before, you'll know why it might particularly interesting, but I won't spoil anything here.

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I'm excited and sad cause I need to pay for my BTS before I can get this ;_;

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oh man, I want Jeff and Vinny to do a quick look for this!

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