Persona 3 Portable problem - any willing helpers?

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Well, as the title states, my Persona 3 Portable game is freezing on my PSP, making me a very sad individual.I am currently at a point where I need to return to the dorm, so I can sleep and continue the rest of the game. Unfortunately, no matter how I enter to the dorm, the game shows the 1F lounge and freezes. The game system is still responsive, I can go to home to exit the game, and the light on the front desk is still glowing. However, no icons appear, and no actions can be taken. I cannot move my cursor around or anything.

I'v tried multiple ways to get around it, but no matter what I automatically end up getting stuck at the same part. So I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to take my save to their PSP, get me into the dorm and save and then send me it back so I may continue my most favouritest game ever.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help. The file is at the end of the thread :)

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I'll give it a try for you.

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Thanks alot :)

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Well I'm stuck. I think I might need that second file in your save folder that isn't a picture. Also, just to be cautious, are you from the states or Europe? That could be an issue too between PAL and NTSC.

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I'm sorry, but I'm not having any luck over here. You can try downloading a new game+ save file from gamefaqs

You can go back through to where you were stuck pretty fast that way. And if that doesn't work you can just put it on beginner and speed through all the story. Either way it sucks though. Sorry about your luck anyway.

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Thanks anyways :(.

Wanted to continue my file because I tend to explore everything and spend hours running around leveling and such. Not sure i'd be able to end up in the same place :(

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@e7TopHat: I just tried it on my psp and i can go to the dorm and continue. I'll re upload the save a day later and perhaps your problem will be gone. Heres the save folder:

If you have troubles again I'll be glad to lend a helping hand. Also a little advice, you might want to have multiple saves (if you don't already) so if you have a problem you could go back about an hour or so and see if it happens again.

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@thebunnyhunter: Same as me, I'm running CFW on a PSP 1000. But, I've tried some things before finding this thread, nothing worked though. Thanks by the way. :D

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I had this problem. It's been a while but I think all you have to do is make sure you do the data install from the menu, then once you load your save go into the options and turn data install on. You might also have to turn voices off, don't remember completely.

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@tread311: Yeah, I believe it's a CFW issue. I think it's specifically one line of dialog that Akihiko is supposed to say. Unfortunately, I totally can't rmember exactly how I got around it. It was something involving the data install. I think the other option is to use more recent custom firmware if there's an update available.

Yup, looks like you just have to turn voices off and data install on in the options, at least until that line of dialog is spoken.

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@tread311: It's a CFW issue. I just found it out today, I tried to change my CFW to 5.50 Prome-4 and it fixed the crash. Awhile ago, I asked bunnyhunter to fix mine, and I was still on a 5.50 GEN-D3. I played the fixed save (bunnyhunter's help) but I happen to encounter another crash. So, I Switched CFW.

@AndrewB: I also tried the 'voices off' it worked but, I'm such a game freak that I want their voices haha.

Anyways, hope this help future readers. :D

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@solemnly07: You should be able to turn voices right back on again after that one piece of dialog. But yeah, my solution was ultimately to upgrade firmware for compatibility with some newer games as well.

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hey guys i got a problem on my P3P when i tried to continue my game to 6/3 it think 5.50 Prome-4 will fix it? i really need your help guys..tnx..

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