Persona Fusion; Social Link Importance

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I'm about five hours in and really loving it, but I'm not sure, like the title says, how important Social Link bonuses are when fusing to unlock new Personas. 
For example, I currently have the ability to upgrade my Nekomata Persona to Omoikane, Forneus, or Alp. However, when I proceed to upgrade to any of those choices, I get a warning that I haven't yet established a Social Link that corresponds to the new Persona. Should I wait until I gain the correct Social Link to upgrade to these Personas to get the bonus, or would I be better off going ahead on with the upgrade to strengthen my character sooner rather than later? Since I'm still early in the game, I think I've only opened up three or four Social Links.

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You have to adjust with the shadows you are currently encountering,or adjust with the overall squad balance. If Junpei has Agi, and Yukari Garu, a Persona with Zio or Bufu (inherited from their parental Personas or natural ability from the get-go) can complement them, with or without S-Link boost  . A Persona that can absorb electricity is a Persona that can absorb electricity, with or without S-Link boost.

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You can upgrade if you want. You might not even see some of the links for a bit. What I do is if the persona seems really good (regardless of my social link status) then I make it and pull out any of the ones I used that I still want.

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