8 bit cover: "When the Moon Reaches to the Stars"

#1 Posted by Lucien_Lachance (278 posts) -

 A while back, I made an 8 bit cover of a song in which  people whistled, and also there were kazoos. I thought it was stupid, but a lot of you guys seemed to enjoy it. So here is another 8 bit cover of a song from a video game. I posted it here because I thought you might enjoy this as well.


This is probably one of the best 8 bit songs I've done thus far. Not to say I can't get any better, of course. What do you think?

#2 Posted by Jeust (11572 posts) -

It's very good! Sounds just like the real thing... just without voices. ^^

#3 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

This is great.

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