Do you know about Shin Megami Tensei games?

#1 Posted by joey (1035 posts) -

Cuz I sure as hell don't!

#2 Posted by Vasta_Narada (530 posts) -

What do you mean by "do you know about"? Have I known about SMT games before Persona 3? Yes. Is P3 my first SMT game? Yes (others I've only seen at my friend's).

#3 Posted by joey (1035 posts) -

Its from the giant bomb video thing:its a website. Jeff says that line.

#4 Posted by Axersia (1725 posts) -

It's "do you know about them Shin Megami Tensei games?"

Get your facts straight dude. :P

And yes, I do know about them SMT games. I also know that Persona 3 is not an SMT game. It's an MT game. Atlus USA just wants you to think it's an SMT game.

#5 Posted by LordAndrew (14591 posts) -

The fact that Jeff doesn't know about the series really showed back when Kevin VanOrd demoed Persona 3 on On the Spot. He stated that the characters used guns to summon their personas in the previous games, even though
a) that's not true.
b) Jeff reviewed the first game and should have known that.

I guess one's memory can get hazy when faced with the awesomeness of shooting oneself in the head. :)

#6 Posted by RPGGUY2500 (23 posts) -

actually they arent guns at all (mitsuru made the design to get akihiko to join) also its caused by emotinal distress so they could just take a pill or something. and yes I have seen and own some SMT games most notably nocturne and the 2 DDS's

#7 Posted by Dudacles (1626 posts) -

Damn, those old reviews on Gamespot were pretty damn short.

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