2nd playthrough

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I was wondering, on a second playthrough with all the stats maxed out is it easy to max every s.link or is it still hard?

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It's easy as hell of course, because you don't have to waste time making a model, eating from the fridge or going to the Meat Dimension. You can just grind on Rise. If you catch my drift. Ahem.

#3 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2532 posts) -

And you never have to hear the stupid game tell you you don't have enough courage to say the best option!

#4 Posted by lockon_one (114 posts) -

yep a lot easier and more attainable. it's possible to max all social links in one playthrough with a little strict sked and still have some free days if you you choose to go for the true ending. social links at night are also way easier to max in 2nd playthrough since you could afford not to study anymore. 

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