40+ hours in. I can't go further.

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I don't like the Endurance Runs.

If you don't like the Endurance Runs then you don't like Giant Bomb. Because you don't like Giant Bomb, why are you here?

I don't like the ER either and I'm okay with enjoying the rest of the site content.

Edit: In response to the OP, if the grinding is getting you down than I would consider just putting the game down. If not that, at least give yourself a little bit of distance from it and pick it up later. Trying to go at this all at once seems unreasonable and I can totally see why grinding isn't any fun after 40 hours.

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You don't need to grind in these games, you need to have a thorough understanding of the mechanics.

Anyway, give it a break for a month or two and come back to it later, refreshed and clear.

Dude, 1-2 months is way too long of a break from a game like this. Jumping back into the middle of a JRPG like this after not playing for that long is practically impossible, IMO.

I don't think its all that crazy, I played Lost Odyssey at launch and then got almost to the end, and then stopped and I'm just now picking it up again so I can finally finish it. It took like 10 minutes to get my bearings, but it all came back pretty quickly, making my way through the final dungeon now. Although there's probably some little things I don't remember, I feel like I remember most of the story as well.

Personally I think those smaller details are often what make a game what it is, especially for a game like Persona 4. The overarching plot is definitely not the strongest part of that game.

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@believer258: Then I think you're weird. I could never do that and most people I've talked to about the subject are the same. After that long of a break the only way I could get back into a game like this is start from the beginning. There's no way I could jump in 40 hours in and still enjoy it.

Well, why not? Would you just forget all of the characters and story? I might have a better memory for stories than most.

I can't play games longer than fifteen or so hours in one big chunk, I have to have a fairly long break from them at some point. I wound up putting eighty hours into P3FES, though, and enjoyed the hell out of it.

I'm with him. If I leave a RPG sit for more than a week I might as well start over.

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Lower the difficulty so you get extra XP from monsters plus they are weaker so that way you can kill them super fast level up fast and you don't have grind out every battle

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... If I leave a RPG sit for more than a week I might as well start over.

Same. I don't care how many hours I've put into it before the break - I could be near the end - it just wouldn't sit well with me to try to experience a 60+ hour rpg whose pacing I'm responsible for fragmenting. However, a week, for me, is acceptable. Maybe two weeks is pushing it. Definitely not a month.

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Pay a homeless man to play it for you while you sit back and instruct him on what to do. Might get a new friend out of it.

Nothing stops the Endurance Run: Hobo Edition.

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It's one of the best games of its generation but people still think it's too grindy. And I agree. But at this point, I hope no one wonders what happened to JRPGs. 3-5 hour segments of mindnumbing filler happened to JRPGs.

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It's time for you to just put the game away. After watching the anime and listening to the music every week as you've said, you are most likely burned out from anything P4 related. You already know where the story of the game is going to take you, so all you have left are the non main cast social links to look forward to, which isn't that interesting to begin with.

Basically, I'm saying you should just move on to another game. You don't want to grind to get to things you already know of, and you don't want to watch anyone else do the work. Also, taking a break from the game is a no go, since you'll have to start over if you can't pick it up from where you left off. Just move on.

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Anywho, I just feel like I need more Persona, and less JRPG.

Well, there you go. You've seen the anime, no point in playing any more.

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I actually think you probably only liked the anime because you spent those 40+ hours with those characters, and got reasonably far in the story and s-links.

Otherwise, the anime isn't quite enough time. Many people I've heard complain that it compresses things too much, whereas in the game you get a lot of time and a lot of small interactions to build up the characters and the feel of Inaba.

I do agree with the hate of JRPG grinding. I also think they should allow you to adjust difficulty at any time (can they? It's been so long). However, I don't consider it some extra special deviant opinion, many people also have a dislike of the grinding. I mean, even Square has put in a feature into their re-releases that allows you to instantly level up to bypass grinding sections, and I very much like that idea.

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You don't have to grind that much, i would just run pass the floors until you hit a rough patch and then level up a little bit. You will have to use your head more in the battle but its totally beatable with minimum grinding.

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