Are you waiting for a true Junes theme? Wait no longer!

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Of course we here at Giantbomb have a fondness for Nanako and her love of the Junes department/grocery store/whatever it was, and I'm sure that some of you (myself included) wouldn't have had a problem with a full-length Junes Theme. Sure we had the jingle to keep us happy but how long could that last? Well, I'm sorry for asking. Prepare for ear bleeding "cuteness" in this Junes theme from the P.h.A.T Atlus "Persona" series compilation album (a fan remix album, to be clear)

I'm torn. It is so upbeat, like it should be and it'd be pretty cute if Nanako had a go at it, but this is for the most part... piercing.

Well, what do you all think about it?

Also, if you haven't had enough Junes theme, check out this horrifying Junes remixI stumbled upon.

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Love the jingle but THAT VOICE.....cuteness overload

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I don't like it very much. 
I love the "Every Day's Hell at Your Junes" remix, though.

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@SuperWristBands: That's from a fan remix album.
Its not very good.
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It's like... I have trouble believing that voice ever came out of a human being at any point.

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Oh.....oh god

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Is this not Nanako's Japanese VA?

I think it's adorable. That girl CANNOT sing.

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I...I don't...FUCK YOU GUYS!!

*Storms out*

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I like it and hate it at the same time.

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That's certainly a... thing. Yup.

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@mutha3 said:

@SuperWristBands: That's from a fan remix album.

That makes sense. I wasn't certain if it was official or not. I'll edit the OP to avoid confusion.

@RE_Player92 said:

I like it and hate it at the same time.

My feelings exactly. As of now, I've listened to it a lot.

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Every day is fucking awesome at your Junes.

If my Fred Meyer transformed into a Junes for Halloween I'd pee myself.

EDIT: Well, I gave it a listen. I'm pretty sure my heart melted a few times. You people are monsters; to even qualify her talents as a singer means you already failed.

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