Atlus, Square Enix.... and Ubisoft?

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I found this game for a tenner and thought there was now way I shouldn't own this game, so I bought it, got on the bus and cracked open the manual... because, why not? Anyways I knew it was an Atlus game, the Square Enix logo is somewhat confusing, but upon reading the manual, I discovered Ubisoft is somehow involved. Page 39, "For Nordic support: Simply go to" 
Is this correct? If so what part did Ubisoft play in this games creation/publication?

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publisher: AUS (Ubisoft)

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Atlus only publishes in Japan and the US.  Europe and other areas are handled by other publishers.  My guess is SE doesn't have a Scandinavian support center and contracted through Ubisoft for support.

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As the others have stated, it's a very normal thing that different publishers handle the game in different territories.

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This type of cross company publishing isn't unusual.  For example Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is published by SquareEnix in Japan. 

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@Finstern: I have no idea what is confusing about that information. 
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Bethesda games getting published by Ubisoft outside of the US still strikes me as weird.

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@Finstern said:
Aye, just found it odd as the GB wiki page states nothing of the sort and lists the only publishers like so:
Thanks for the quick replys! Makes a lot more sense that they probably contracted the support out.
If you click through to the Square Enix Ltd. page you'll see this:

A subsidiary of Square Enix Holdings located in London that handles all the marketing and publishing operations of Square Enix titles in Europe and other PAL territories. Many of its titles are distributed by Ubisoft.

The publisher and distributor aren't always the same. NIS America's titles tend to be distributed by Atlus USA and Koei for example. Hopefully that clears things up.

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