Best Endurance Run Moments for Compilation Video

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#51 Posted by Winternet (8082 posts) -

I'll post some of my best moments in ER, but  I can't remember the episodes. The first 5 have great stuff (the dojima "Later"). 6 is when Charlie puts its head inside tv. episode 15 is gold. Episode 13 first encounter with funky student (I think). Episode 30 fox encounter. 36 fox joins Investigation Team. Early and mid 40's episodes is where Howl head persona is, they revive yosuke and immediately after he gets killed as so everybody else (a.k.a. Jeff's diabolical laugh) and the "Use the fucking ball...go up the fucking stairs" moment happens (a.k.a. Charlie dodges 2 mortal blows, which is almost virtually impossible). Episode know that one. Episode 60 or 61 is when the power goes down (Nothing can stop the endurance motherfucker). 68 is Teddies's shadow and vinny casting bufu. 71 Teddie shows his new look. 79,80 or 81 charlies gets hama.

These are my best moments (some are in episodes mentioned later other not):

Charlie, kill the kid, torch the house we've got to get out of here
You and Chie wearing luchador masks and wrestling.
I loooove them balls.
Fox encounter
Funky Student, yaaay yay
Oh Dude!
Use the Fucking ball...
King Frost, ho
Jack Frost and Ghoul voices
Meat Dimension
Junes song
Your stash
Ryan's interview in the behind-the-scenes video
Almost every reaction from Jeff when Vinny's misses hitting the shadow (specially in the early / mid episodes)

#52 Posted by Themanohall (397 posts) -

The episode where they got S. link to 10 with Chie was pretty funny.

#53 Posted by Ineedaname (4319 posts) -

Vinny's failed bufula.

#54 Posted by dietmango (1667 posts) -

I'm sure there's a lot more. One of the latest wa during they were eating the watermelon, with Kanji sprinkling some stuff on his watermelon lol

#55 Posted by Baillie (4308 posts) -

Having all these moments in 10 second clips won't be entertaining at all, you need to have watched the episode to actually capture the parts, just having them all mashed up won't be very entertaining at all.
If anyone is going to do it, it's vinny.

So leave it.

#56 Posted by myketuna (1770 posts) -

I second "I've Had the Time of My Life" playing in the background of said clip video. For the end of the Endurance Run, I would like "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" playing because I think that song is absolute garbage and thus, it would be funny watching black and white clips from episode 1-? to the song playing.

#57 Posted by RagingLion (1377 posts) -

All I'm saying is "I LOOOOOOVVVEE THEM BALLS!!!!" ....  seriously, I'm not sure anything could quite top that for me - it was still at a time when I hadn't fully comprehended the insanity of P4.  There's lots of other great moments in particular meeting Fox for the first time, meeting Teddy's inner self for the first time ...

#58 Posted by Blubba (527 posts) -

I'm rerunning from the beginning again (VERY boring summer) and all I have to say is:

"You are tired from the long trip. It would be best if you went to sleep now...You are tired from from the long trip! It would be best if you went to sleep now!...YOU ARE TIRED FROM THE LONG TRIP! IT WOULD BE BEST IF YOU WENT TO SLEEP NOW!"

#59 Posted by YetiAntics (1493 posts) -


#60 Edited by CaptSuavity (53 posts) -

when they first meet mysterious fox, first time meeting funky student, and any time they make fun of the nanako-dad relationship.
also the camping trip was funny.

EDIT: Also it would be cool to see a compilation of a certain character or something. like a mr.moron or dojima sizzle reel

#61 Posted by NukeSpoon (530 posts) -

The first time they meet Fox in the dungeon.

I cracked up so hard.

#62 Posted by Sanj (2575 posts) -

Anyone remember which episode had the funny ghoul commentary?

#63 Posted by CaptSuavity (53 posts) -

ep 37, about 37 minutes in

#64 Posted by Sanj (2575 posts) -

Thx dude.
#65 Edited by Vect (204 posts) -
#66 Posted by Drrizzit (110 posts) -

when the phone rang and everyone waited for episode 117 and it wont play =(

#67 Posted by I_smell (3925 posts) -

The part where they're gonna get a watermelon.

And when they're buying ingredients in Junes and Kanji comes back with alchahol.


#68 Posted by mgssnake (86 posts) -

How about when they first saw Daring Gigas and made Hulk Hogan impressions. Not the best moment, but still funny.

#69 Edited by AuthenticM (3812 posts) -

When Jeff thought they were going to bang the hot teacher. :)

#70 Posted by D_W (1224 posts) -
@Vect said:
"Choice use of music:

Regular Cutscenes: I've Had the Time Of My Life (sung by Herbert from Family Guy)
Battle Commentary: I Need a Hero (either the Original or the Shrek 2 version)
Romance Commentary: Never, Never gonna Give You Up (Barry White)
Social Link Commentary: Friends (Flight of the Condor)Making some random choices here and there."

Ugh! No music additions are necessary.
#71 Posted by Sanj (2575 posts) -

Any use of the "The Almighty" from the P4 soundtrack is welcome by me.

#72 Posted by Vect (204 posts) -

Yeah, use of the Persona 4 Soundtrack itself would be pretty awesome.

Especially the endgame music.

#73 Posted by Tovan (633 posts) -
@Vect said:
" Choice use of music:

Regular Cutscenes: I've Had the Time Of My Life (sung by Herbert from Family Guy)
Battle Commentary: I Need a Hero (either the Original or the Shrek 2 version)
Romance Commentary: Never, Never gonna Give You Up (Barry White)
Social Link Commentary: Friends (Flight of the Condor)Making some random choices here and there. "
Wouldn't adding music defeat the entire point?
#74 Posted by D_W (1224 posts) -

Yes it would, as you wouldn't be able to hear the jokes.

#75 Posted by Vect (204 posts) -

I was thinking as Background music. I didn't explain it clearly. Sorry...

#76 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19395 posts) -

I think a loop of this song with the volume lowered enough in the background that you can clearly hear what Vinny and Jeff say during hilarious Social Link moments (or any other moments) involving girls would be great.  But maybe not too...  I'm not seeing positives about this compilation video idea.

#77 Posted by Darkstar614 (1100 posts) -


"holy fuck, what the hell is that?!"

The Hama one was golden though, during the rush where your teammates can't save you. Got a good laugh out of that one, but was very sad watching them go through that dungeon again.

#78 Posted by Undeadpool (5034 posts) -

Jeff's reaction to "flat Teddie"

#79 Edited by Sanj (2575 posts) -

Bah, there should be some sort of "Endurance run moments index" :P Been trying to find the episode where Yosuke goes to Charlies room with the "goods" under the futon. It's nowhere to be found!

#80 Posted by BadNews (563 posts) -

"Remember how your mom died, Vacations canceled."

Episode 29

#81 Posted by CaptSuavity (53 posts) -

it would be funny to see every time vinny says "hey whats up" at the personas during fusing or shuffles

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