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I ordered a new (hopefully sealed copy) that should be arriving tomorrow. I've played through the game before but I didn't have my own copy. I have some questions that need answering so I can get the most out of my time with my own copy of the game. 

  1. What is the best physical Persona? How can I make (for New Game +) the most powerful physical persona with passive buffs and the strongest moves? I tried before with Futsunushi who had +crit and other buffs but his physical moves were only medium.
  2. How much do points towards S Link ranks stack? Say I am ready to level up with Yosuke already but I don't meet with him to get the rank up. Then, for instance, I answer a question for him in class, I study with him in an event which gets me some progress towards a rank and then get in the top scores for exams and it goes up again. Does that carry over to the next few ranks or do I need to get one rank out of the way before the 'points' count towards another rank?
  3. What level should I be before I fight Death? You can find him in the very first dungeon but at level 3 or whatever but it doesn't seem like a good idea. I tried killing him with a lvl 89 character and still died pretty quickly.
  4. Is there any point in levelling Izanagi-No Okami? I summoned him on New Game + but its so late in the game it doesn't really matter. He was a fairly high level but at that point I was so powerful there was no point in levelling him up to get any of his moves.
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1. Yoshitsune, easily. He is the best Persona in the game even when factoring in magic Personas.
2. I'm not 100% about this one, but I don't think they stack.
3. Death is a huge pussy in this game. I have no idea how you lost to him at level 89, I managed to beat him at level 60. Try again.
4. Nope. Izanagi-no-Okami sucks. Only fuse him if you think he looks cool and/or want to 100% the game.

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2. I'm 99% sure you have a point total, so they do indeed stack. You could potentially earn several ranks before needing to spend time with the social link.

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@mutha3: Why are you so confident that  Yoshitsune is the best persona? What makes him so great? 
@Shikz: Interesting. I'd like to know for sure. If true that would make the school social links much easier to do as I can forget about them while I work on others.
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@AlisterCat said:

" @mutha3: Why are you so confident that  Yoshitsune is the best persona? What makes him so great? 

Yoshitsune gets a special (exclusive)ability which is pretty much the most powerful attack in the game: Hassou Tobi. It allows him to attack all enemies 8 times with a chance to crit each hit. On top of that he has an excellent strength and agility stat, and he nulls physicals, reflects ligtning and light and resists fire. His magic is pretty decent too and he can fill in the slot of spellcaster, He can even debilitate if you're willing to skip the christmas scene!
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With Power Charge, Hassou Tobi can and will 2 hit every boss up until the final boss.

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Thanks guys. Sounds like a good idea to fuse Yoshitsune with the special fusion forecast to earn him Arms Master.

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@EvilTwin Wow. That's... Pretty good.
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1.  Yoshitsune is basically the end all Persona.  I gave mine Debilitate with the Fusion Forecast, Arms Master and Victory Cry, and combined with Power Charge and Hassou Tobi, he can wipe the floor with bosses AND pretty much any random encounter. 
3.  The best time to fight Death is probably once the healer in your party learns Mediarahan, which will put you probably in the mid 60s level wise.  The fight will basically come down to keeping Death Debilitated at all times, use a persona that can't be hit with Light or Dark attacks (Trumpeter is good since fills that need and learns Debilitate), and keep everyone at full health.  That's usually how I do it.
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@ShadowKing7: Do the stats of the persona rely on the ones being fused? I guess what I'm asking is would it be more powerful if the personas used for the fusion has higher stats.
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@AlisterCat:  It does.  However, the stat bonuses gained from that is not going to be that significant.  It's the skills that are inherited that counts more.
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@Turambar: Oh yeah I know, but I won't be able to summon him for most of the game so I'd like to train up the fusion personas during the game if it will effect the final fusion.

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