Bunches of Wallpapers

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Made by yours truly,the pictures of the characters are not mine.

Sorry guys, don't complain about res. You get what you get.

Make sure to tell which one you like best! I love feedback!

EDIT: If any of you guys decide to use the wallpapers, give us a shot of your desktop if you don't mind. I mean, if you want.





#2 Posted by MasturbatingestBear (1304 posts) -

Charlie's, Chie's and Rise's look the best.

#3 Posted by reptilia_kun (85 posts) -

charlie tunoku is the true name! :-)

#4 Posted by VideoGameBacon (59 posts) -

@MasturbatingestBear said:

Charlie's, Chie's and Rise's look the best.

Really? My favorite was Yosuke's. Rise was a close second though. They are in the order I made them.

#5 Posted by MasturbatingestBear (1304 posts) -

Oh holy shit. I didn't even see the part where you said you made those. Awesome.

#6 Posted by VideoGameBacon (59 posts) -

Haha, thanks. Right now they are only here, I might make some more and put them on wallbase. I messed up the res a little so just have windows fill it if it does not fit your desktop smug.

#7 Posted by Kyle (2375 posts) -

Wow, that's a great Rise pic; Never seen that one before. And the wallpaper you made for it is great; That one's my favorite. Good job.

#8 Posted by shinluis (488 posts) -

Charlies is pretty awesome

#9 Posted by InfiniteGeass (2139 posts) -

His name isn't Charlie Tunoku... Other than that, good job.

#10 Posted by VideoGameBacon (59 posts) -

I know what his name is, The wallpaper is an endurance run reference, I feel ashamed that I had to point that out.

#11 Posted by amomjc (978 posts) -

Bah these are great but I can't stand lettering on my wallpapers. Any chance you still have some originals or drafts before you put the text on? :) They are great btw.

#12 Posted by michaeldim (87 posts) -

@InfiniteGeass: Really?

#13 Posted by Martial1562 (14 posts) -

@InfiniteGeass: Charlie Tunoku, Yu Narukami, Seta Souji, MC, Reda...ahem...Leader (engrish oh how you bring joy to my life)...either way, we ALL know who that guy is XD

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@amomjc said:

Bah these are great but I can't stand lettering on my wallpapers. Any chance you still have some originals or drafts before you put the text on? :) They are great btw.

Ah, I had them with no text but I lost the files. Sorry buddy.

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#16 Posted by TheHT (12367 posts) -

I like the last three the best. Well done!

#17 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

@InfiniteGeass said:

His name isn't Charlie Tunoku... Other than that, good job.


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@Thompson820 said:

Excellent wallpapers!

On my desktop.

Awesome! Sorry they are not your res, windows can stretch it if you don't like the black bars. Also, where did you get the weather rainmeter? I have the corner giu but not that orange and grey weather panel.

My desktop rotates every hour.
Here's this if anyone cares.
#19 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

@VideoGameBacon: Excellent! Good work man. I would complain about the res but i always do when it comes to wallpaper :p <3

#20 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -


#21 Posted by XenoNick (1517 posts) -

Think I might be using the Rise one. Tis pretty bad-ass. Nice one bud and thanks.

#22 Posted by natetodamax (19421 posts) -

The Rise one is awesome! Thanks for posting

#23 Posted by Thompson820 (417 posts) -

@VideoGameBacon: I made it as part of an update that i'm doing to the original Rainmeter skin by Th3Laugh1ngMan. It's not done yet, but it should be soon.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that takua108 made his own updated version a few months back, you can find it here. Mine will be building on his with the option to use his or the original art, adding in the 'weatherbox' with celcius or farenheit weather, making Lunchtime in his skin Noon in my own, adding an optional recycle bin skin and cleaning and optimizing the code. Hopefully i'll have it done pretty soon.

#24 Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials (2528 posts) -

The Naoto one would be a lot better with a different font choice. Perhaps the one used in Chie's.

#25 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1516 posts) -

thanks for the great wallpapers, right now i got em all rotating. Not a huge fan of yosuke's or teddies' background but they still look good.

#26 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (47 posts) -

These are really cool! I'm definitely going to use them all! :)

It would be sweet if there was a more unique picture of Yukiko though. Everyone else has these cool pictures and hers is just her regular artwork. Great work though! Rise's is my favorite. :)

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