Chie, Yukiko, Rise, or Naoto?

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Persona 4 made me realize that I am shallow, because when I first played it, I was going to choose Yukiko over Chie, just cause I thought Chie's hair was kind of boyish. After a while though I realized Yukiko was super ditzy, and pretty dull, whereas Chie was super cool and fun. Then Rise came along and I was all "Fuck Chie, this chick's in a bikini." Naoto and I would just be friends.

So Chie=Rise>Naoto>Kanji>Yukiko.

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Rise #1 all day every day

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  1. Chie (Duh)
  2. Rise (Didn't like her at all my first playthrough, but she grew on me, tons)
  3. Yukiko (The Golden version, 'cause I think she was marginally more interesting in Golden)
  4. Naoto (Naoto would be higher, but I have mixed feelings about the way this goes)
  5. Yukiko (Vanilla, 'cause she's basic)
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Chie, man. Not even in a romantic way. I just dig someone who shares my love of beef bowls.

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By this point I figure everyone has come to the logical conclusion. The only reasonable choice is ...Ai.

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Well, I've only had a dream I was dating one of them so-

wait, nevermind.

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At this point if you don't choose Chie, you'd probably be banned. Regardless, I like Chie the most.

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Every time I play Persona 4 I end up going with Rise.

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Chie. C'mon guys.

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I don't understand why people like Naoto.

But if its any girl, it's Ai.

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Weird thread resurrection. I ended up with Yukiko on my play through. It's funny now because I'm watching the endurance run for the first time and man they dislike her.

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By this point I figure everyone has come to the logical conclusion. The only reasonable choice is ...Ai.

This is correct. But of the main 4 the answer has to be Yukiko.

And if we're including Persona 3 as well (which we're not), then the answer is so obviously Yuko.

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Necromancy! Ressurection! Evil!


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Naoto is the only real answer you heathens. (Okay Rise's not that bad either.)

Edit: Japan has spoken Naoto wins. (This was a poll run in Persona Magazine.)

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@glyn: Because Rise is useless compared to other girls that's why

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@jeffsekai: Naoto is better. Chie is a pig and her existence should cease to, well exist.

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...All four?

I didn't account for them including Valentine's Day in Golden, but it should have been a lot worse. I stuck with Rise (and didn't actually go for Naoto at all).

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Someone bumped a P4 Waifu thread? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to promote Rise and crap on Naoto.

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Hmmm this requires thought.

Yukiko is obviously the best waifu. Followed by Rise because she has a cool modelling contract that makes her rich, then Naoto who you should avoid because Kanji has a thing, and Chie who you should avoid cause Yusuke has a thing. Remember boys bro's before hoe's!

In all seriousness, Yukiko is sort of meant as the default LI it just plays that way if you ask me. In my game I ended up with her but also almost maxed out Rise and Naoto too. I never had any interest in Chie as anything other than a tank kicker.

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I don't know if I've responded in this thread already, but definitely Chie. She's objectively the most awesome, so it's kind of a no brainer. Rise comes in close second cause laura bailey.

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Now that a Persona 4 thread has been bumped up, I have to get an answer to something that's been bugging me about the Endurance Run.

I just got up to episode 111, and for the love of god, did Vinny and Jeff ever figure out that you don't need to have a persona of a related arcana on you when you want to hang out with a Social Link character?

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