Chronicling Persona 4, one tweet at a time.

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#51 Posted by DonutFever (3804 posts) -

This is... beautiful.

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#53 Posted by MiniPato (2807 posts) -

You are exhausted from tweeting. You decided to go home.

#54 Posted by AzHP (190 posts) -

I don't know if my desire to tweet these things on time is dedication or stupidity. I was determined to get a lunchtime tweet out yesterday despite being in the middle of a 6 hour long interview. Needless to say, I think I have my priorities straight.

#55 Posted by ChrisTaran (1780 posts) -
@AzHP: Loving it so far! Keep up the good work :)
#56 Posted by AzHP (190 posts) -
@ChrisTaran: Thanks! Knowing people are enjoying it really helps motivate me to craft high quality tweets. =)
#57 Posted by dogman795 (123 posts) -
@AzHP: Yeah, it get's hard to tweet for Nanako on time some times, even though most of her stuff would be at night. Especially since i'm still in school and my phone can't do twitter.
#58 Edited by AzHP (190 posts) -
@dogman795: Isn't there a way to tweet by texting a certain number on your phone? I know Facebook has something like that. If the official twitter site doesn't support it, there's probably at least a plug in site that does.
#59 Posted by JohnDudebro (955 posts) -
#60 Posted by dogman795 (123 posts) -
@AzHP: @BananaKid: 
Thanks! I completely forgot about that. Now i just need to get it to work.
#61 Posted by turtlespenguins (16 posts) -

Thank you for this. Im rewatching the endurance run.

#62 Posted by AzHP (190 posts) -

Spent a good chunk of today downloading the rest of the endurance run to my iPod. It's a testament to how good this game is that I played through it twice, watched the endurance run in its entirety, and am still having fun watching the endurance run and tweeting about what's happening. I also went to Japantown and bought the first 4 issues of the manga (even though I can barely read Japanese). Still love this damn game.

#63 Edited by AzHP (190 posts) -

Haha, unexpected bonus of doing this...I just got the Super Sup Check quest cause I've been updating every day. Sick!


Also, happy mysterious fox day, everyone! Go get some mysterious leaves with magical healing powers. ;)

How come I'm getting flood protected? Someone posted after me and I still can't post. Anyone care to make a post if they see this message and see if that fixes it?
#64 Posted by Blueberryp13 (5 posts) -

Wow, this is great! Following.

#65 Posted by dogman795 (123 posts) -

We've got Charlie (@NarukamiYu), Nanako (@DojimaNanako), Chie (@chiesatonaka_p4), Dojima (@DrunkenDojima), and Fox (@Mysterious_Fox).

Anyone up for taking up the mantle of Kanji?
#66 Posted by genebj (2 posts) -

 @Kanji_TatsumiP4 is up and ready to go. I'll do my best.

#67 Posted by AzHP (190 posts) -

Awesome! It's great to see more people getting into this. I've set up a Facebook fan page to raise awareness for the project. If 25 people "like" it, it can get a custom URL, so if you enjoy the project please like it and suggest it to your friends. 

#68 Posted by Bigheart711 (1272 posts) -

I'm enjoying this! <3 Sadly, I may have to unfollow due to spoilers, though. Still, you're doing great!

#69 Edited by AzHP (190 posts) -
@Bigheart711 said:

I'm enjoying this! <3 Sadly, I may have to unfollow due to spoilers, though. Still, you're doing great!

Thanks! I love getting feedback, it's good to know that people are enjoying the content. The only other real feedback I get is when people RT or favorite my posts. 
If you're playing along with the game, I guess the only possible spoilers are the social link interactions, but I guess that's enough of a reason to stop following. The story is really good, so I don't blame you for not wanting it to be spoiled. When I was playing the game, I couldn't get enough! I'd go to work the next day and watch the endurance run up through the days I'd completed. Sad to see you go though. 

Side note, anyone going to Fanime this coming weekend? (San Jose, CA) My girlfriend and I will be cosplaying Yu and Rise. I think there's going to be an unofficial Shin Megami Tensei meet at midnight on Saturday, I made some business cards for @NarukamiYu and am going to be handing them out at the con. If you see me, say hi!

Here's my girlfriend and I as Phoenix Wright and Dahlia from Phoenix Wright 3:
#70 Posted by AzHP (190 posts) -

People be cosplaying Persona in San Jose! I'm a little bit surprised that there are equal, maybe more female fans of Persona than male ones. (The person in the Izanagi suit is a woman too). Also, you should look at the pictures if only to see the ridiculously awesome Izanagi costume.

#71 Posted by Blueberryp13 (5 posts) -
@AzHP: I was there! I was dressed as Rise!
#72 Posted by Blueberryp13 (5 posts) -

Ooh, you got retweeted by Drew...congrats! ^_^

#73 Posted by AzHP (190 posts) -

Holy Drew Scanlon retweeted one of @NarukamiYu's tweets, and I was suddenly flooded by a huge wave of follow notifications. Score! Just in time for the school campout, too.

#74 Posted by GlenTennis (3266 posts) -

Uh, today was the best episode and thus the best tweets. Follow this guy for sure.

#75 Posted by AzHP (190 posts) -

Small update, @NarukamiYu has just passed 300 followers...and gotten a girlfriend. Thanks everyone for your support, and thanks to @DojimaNanako, @Kanji_tatsumip4, @chiesatonaka_p4, @HanamuraBrosuke and anyone else who I might have missed who have joined in and turned this from a chore to a fun interactive experience.

#76 Posted by DetectiveGrey (2 posts) -

Well, I suppose now is as good a time as any to reveal myself, as the curtain falls on this endeavor.

Hey guys! I'm DetectiveGrey, otherwise known as @HanamuraBrosuke in this hot mess. That's right, this is my first and only post on Giant Bomb (so far). AzHP had such a good idea that some random P4 fan who had never even seen the endurance run (until now) signed up to play along.

The journey's over now, and today was the official last day of the game, March 21, 2012 (seems like Atlus forgot that we have a Leap Year!). I just wanted to thank everyone who participated, everyone who read and followed, Giant Bomb for making the Endurance Run and inspiring us, and anyone who is entertained by our antics now, then, and in the future.

This was a really great experience! Haven't read it yet? Then get over to @NarukamiYu on Twitter and see what we've been up to all year!

*bows* Thanks again everyone! Maybe we can do something similar when Persona 5 comes out. ;D

#77 Posted by SilvarusLupus (313 posts) -

You people are so crazy.

I love all of you.

#78 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1694 posts) -

All of you made my Twitter feed full of awesome throughout the last year. That was a super dumb/cool thing you did. *Claps*

#79 Posted by AzHP (190 posts) -

It's over! Holy crap, I can't believe I made it through an entire year. I definitely couldn't have done it without the amazing supporting cast, DojimaNanako, KanjiTatsumi_p4, HanamuraBrosuke, and even Mysterious_Fox. And of course the audience...I had no idea this was going to blow up as much as it did. I didn't even think there would be more than 100 people interested in this when I started, but by the second day it had already gotten to that, and now after being retweeted by Drew Scanlon, and general word of mouth, we're now over 500. I've got to admit, when everyone was tweeting me goodbye and saying things like "I hope you keep tweeting, it won't be the same without you" it almost brought a tear to my eye.

I'm probably going to write a blog post about this and link it on this forum (I've got a 10 hour drive/ride to Vegas on Friday and I'll probably write it then), but for all of you who stuck with me through this crazy adventure, thanks so much. I probably won't do something like this again, first off because I don't know if there's going to be another game that captures my heart like Persona 4 did, and second of all because it was SO time consuming. I spent countless bus rides to work with my laptop out getting weird looks from people as I watched the Endurance Run, laughed out loud, and alt tabbed between VLC, Word and Twitter to make sure what I was writing would fit in 140 characters.

God I could write so much about this (and I probably will, I'll probably post it this weekend before I get drunk off my ass in Vegas), but I've got to get back to work. But seriously guys...thank you. I can't say it enough. You guys entertained my crazy idea that I could microblog Persona 4 over the course of a year and helped drag me over the finish line.

I don't know how much I'll be tweeting from that account (probably will throw in some stuff when the fighting game comes out), but don't unfollow! I'll still be giving away games from time to time, cause I come across more games than I can play in my line of work and I honestly just want to give back to you guys for all the support.

And if you guys want to keep in touch, I'm AzHP on Twitter, PSN, XBL, Steam, and pretty much anything that'll let you register 4 characters as a username.

It's been a crazy year, both in Persona and in the real world. I'll see you guys around, and hopefully I won't cast bufu again.

#80 Posted by MaFoLu (1871 posts) -

This was awesome. You are awesome.
It was also a great excuse to watch the P4:ER again, this time keeping the in-game days in sync with the actual days, seeing as the game took place in 2011 and ended today.
Wait, that means I've done that for a full year now...

The weirdest thing about all this? Today was a tuesday in-game. I guess Japan doesn't have leap-years... 

#81 Posted by AzHP (190 posts) -

@MaFoLu: Yeah, I definitely noticed that when I realized I had an extra day to write the rest of the tweets for yesterday. :P It's not that Japan doesn't have leap years (that would lead to a lot of inconsistencies around the world), it's just that Atlus must have forgotten to account for that when they were building their calendar. The game is definitely wrong on that count.

#82 Posted by MaFoLu (1871 posts) -
@AzHP: Yeah, I guess they thought it was easier to just be able to use the same calendar for the whole game. And I would probably have done the same.
Yeah, if they didn't have leap-years it would be pretty insane, but it's always funnier when Japan is crazy.
#83 Posted by TruthTellah (9634 posts) -


You did amazing, Big Bro~!

#84 Posted by Centimani (563 posts) -

What reason do I have to think about P4 every day now...

#85 Posted by Wunder_ (1201 posts) -

I love Narukami Yu

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