Countdown Site for a new Persona 4 product

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This Japanese site its a countdown for a new Persona 4 product, Mayonaka TV its Japanese for the Midnight Chanel and if you´ve played the game that Image in the countdonw its very similar to the Persona 4 art style , you can find some videos on youtube that lead to this site , so what do you guys think could this be Persona 4 Portable? maybe Persona 4 FES? or as some people say a new Anime series based on the game . I´ll be Happy with any of those but the one I really want its a Persona 4 port for the PSP Female protagonist and all

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Next time check the forum you are about to post under

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 Yeah I didn´t check for that sorry I saw the tittle but not the Date lets see what you guys say over there thats what I want to know anyways

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