Do you think P4-2 is more likely than P5?

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#51 Posted by Petiew (1351 posts) -
@FluxWaveZ: Didn't say they were, I listed all of the adaptions/offshoots. I doubt they'd ever go so far as to make a numberd RPG sequel, but looking at all of them I think its fair to say Atlus have really pimped P4 out.
#52 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19355 posts) -

@Petiew: Sure, but I wouldn't say any of these dilutes the strength of the P4 brand (except for maybe that Naoto off-shoot; that remains to be seen). So specifying that they wouldn't pull an FFX-2 is important as I think Atlus still finds importance in how they treat the franchise and they won't just do anything for the sake of profit.

#53 Posted by EuanDewar (4971 posts) -

Nah, terrible idea you should probably die for even suggesting it

#54 Posted by JohnDudebro (924 posts) -

I want a Persona 5 that just features a bunch of cameos from the casts of 4 and 3 as adults.

Like, some background characters comment on Rise's new album. Or they have the full-on field trip to Inaba and whoever the new Yosuke/Junpei is gets in wacky trouble with the law and Chie shows up as a cop.

The idea of checking in on these characters to see where their lives went after the game ended is way more interesting to me than just another adventure.

#55 Posted by Melanon (58 posts) -

@Nux said:

Well everyone pretty much said what I was going to say so I'll just say that Persona 5 needs to come out already.

Agreed. Unfortunately the Persona games have a history of coming out late in the console cycle. We may have to wait another year or two.

#56 Posted by ckeats (489 posts) -

I'd rather Persona 5. They've done cameos in all the other games so I'm sure we'll see someone from inaba again.

I just want more Lotus Juice.

#57 Posted by Cathryn (547 posts) -

I'm just going to chime in that I'm really happy that there is no P4-2. I want to move on to a new story and characters. There's enough P4 stuff out there to satisfy even the most rabid fans at this point.

#58 Posted by Rapid (1374 posts) -

With Japan milking Persona 4 maybe? But I still doubt it, P4 Arena is already a Persona 4 game that is suppose to expand the fiction. I rather see something new in Persona 5.

#59 Posted by Ujio (565 posts) -

@Jason_Bourne said:

How do you think they should do it? I'd personally like to see Charlie return to Inaba a few years later, when all the characters are in their early twenties...

Persona 4: The College Years.

#60 Posted by envane (1163 posts) -

the persona 2 games weren't exactly as linked as you would think ..pretty much alternate universes playing with different ideas with similar (or in some cases the same) characters , which is something they tried to do in persona with the snow queen quest etc .. and also to a lesser extent with p3 fes

i think a direct sequel like digital devil saga 2 wont ever happen in persona games but an alternate universe version of p4 seems plausible .. but also unnecessary

pesonally persona hasnt been topped since p2 innocent sin , and woudl much rather new SMT games or proper localizations/remakes of the older or more obscure games

smt9 ???

#61 Posted by Vexxan (4623 posts) -

I would rather have a completely new Persona game than 4-2. They've done so much side stuff with the P4 characters already so I'd rather see some new ones.

#62 Posted by Cube (4366 posts) -

Love Persona 4, ready for Persona 5.

#63 Posted by Hailinel (24977 posts) -

@envane: Well, Atlus has already announced that they're working on a 3DS remake of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, so it's likely we'll see that game in a localized format sometime within the next year.

#64 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

As much as I love Persona 4 they seem to be just milking it dry, it's like they are in a meeting to discuss Persona 5 when they all chicken out because Persona 4 was so popular and they just say "Why not just make a Vita port instead"

#65 Posted by PerfidiousSinn (749 posts) -

I doubt it. I think we'll just see Persona 5...eventually.

#66 Posted by mr_shoeless (386 posts) -

@ArbitraryWater said:

If Persona 4-2 stars Rise, Chie and Yukiko as a J-Pop singing trio who have elaborate costume changing animations and defeat evil with the power of love, I am on board.

Duder, now I'm on board.

#67 Posted by DallasTheGamer (154 posts) -

I'd rather have Persona 5 than a new 4. And maybe the new Persona 4 The arena will work like a sequal? I'm really looking forward to P5!

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