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So I'm stuck on the void quest dungeon boss any tips?  I'm around level 38

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get black frost

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I forget what level she gets it at, but Yukiko having Mediarama is extremely helpful for that fight. If i recall correctly she will be pretty close to learning it by the time you get to the top of void quest, just gotta grind a level or so.

Also fuse Black Frost, and Mind Charge + Agidyne will decimate the boss if used correctly.

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@Commisar123 said:

" So I'm stuck on the void quest dungeon boss any tips?  I'm around level 38 "

You are at just the right level to fuse Black Frost. Fuse him.

......And you are rather underleveled. You must have been avoiding combat or battling low-level enemies while ignoring tough ones a lot. fight a little on floor 9 until you get your party to at least 39 or 40 and then take down the boss. Black Frost should learn Agidyne in this time period as well.

Also, do you have a dedicated healer? Teddie has Mediarama at this point so use him.

And stock up/prepare for fear based attacks.
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@mutha3: okay thank you very much

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