I wish I didn't fear cats

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Going back through the game, I'm at Fox quest #7.  I talk to the guy.  I ask him if he's afraid of cats.  I go to the Dojima Residence looking for the cat.  The cat never shows up.  What am I doing wrong?  My disc is messed up, and has been freezing and failing to load.  Could it be possible that the disc is damaged where that data is and it will never load the cat, and I have to buy another copy of the game to finish the quest?

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After you talk to the guy at the Samegawa flood plain the cat should be outside of the dojima residence on a day when it isn't raining. if its not showing up theres something wrong with your disc

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Thank you internet.

Found out the cat doesn't appear before you complete Quest #14: Feed The Cat.  Go the Central Shopping District and talk to the guy in front of the bookstore.  If you've Quest #8:Book Exchange, he'll mention the cat on the Samegawa Flood Plain. Go give the cat a fish, then go back to him to get the book, "The Punk's Way."  After that, the cat will show up below the Dojima Residence after talking to the guy on the flood plain who's afraid of cats.
Game ain't broke yet, so I don't need a new disc just yet.

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