I'm thinking of picking up Persona 4 but theres a catch...

#1 Posted by Oliverh (60 posts) -

I pretty much watched the endurance run from part 20 and up all the way to the end. And recently I've just got a playing field for persona as I'm currently playing through persona 3 portable on the PSP (which is going awesome so far), so my question is this. Did Vinny and Jeff miss anything BIG in the game that would make me want to pick this game up? Even though I have already seen the ending and such.

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@Oliverh:  Not really, although they didn't finish some S-Links and missed 2 through the soccer team and school band.
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What is inside the Meat Dimension?!?

#4 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

The bad ending. And Social Links, of course.

#5 Posted by ReyGitano (2467 posts) -

Social Links is what made it worth for me to go and play Persona 4 after the endurance run.

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@Icicle7x3: Stay away from the Meat Dimension,

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Also just wondering about the s-link stuff is it possible to get all s-links (depending on what clubs you take obviously) in one playthrough?

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@Oliverh: Yeah, it's possible but I imagine it's pretty difficult. I doubt you'd be able to do it without a guide.
#9 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

I understand that it's easier to do in Persona 4 than it is in 3.

#10 Posted by Mechanical_Ape (266 posts) -
@Oliverh:  It's both possible and not possible at the same time. You can complete every social link in one playthrough, but some social links have multiple options. For instance, Strength and Sun both require you to choose a club to join. Since you can only join one, you would have to play a second time in order to experience both versions of those social links.
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its possible to max them all, but a guide is needed to get the best responses, best scheduling, maxing stats etc. the social link part is the thing i enjoyed the most in persona 3 and 4.  i still play p4 occasionally bec i havent max all the social links. also changed clubs from the 1st playthrough to 2nd since they have diff. storylines

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You can just watch the YouTube of stuff if you really want to see what they missed.

It's hard to play a JRPG for the first time when you know the entire plot, bosses, etc...at least for me.  
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I started playing it mid-through their run and finished after they did. Was still fun, and like people have said, you're going to have diff't social links at the very least, and you can have different strategies in terms of your planning for when you go do stuff, like do you grind today, do homework tonight, enter the meat dimension, s-link, whatever. It'll be your personal experience.


Dammit, Atlus, release this on PSP pretty please.

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I have this same dilemma.
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I bought Persona 4 after watching the entire Endurance Run and it's still a blast to play. I'd say go for it.

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what's persona 4?

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Eh, I liked the game enough to go through a second run. In fact, your post just enticed me to boot it up again.

I picked the Soccer one in my first playthrough, and the Basketball one in the second. I picked Drama both times since the band girl just seems kinda...yeah...

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I was watching the endurance run as it was happening and I think they were past Kanji's dungeon, maybe even in Rise's... But I still got Persona 4. And even caught up and passed the endurance run. 

...with gamefaqs...

Don't judge meeeee! But really, having gamefaqs really helped move some stuff, and didn't subtract from my enjoyment at all. The catch is though, I didn't know the ending. You do. So, I don't know how likely it is that you'll stay interested in the game unless you're going to do things differently than Jeff and Vinny.  Like, if theres a romance you'd like to persue, or S-Links you'd want to max that they didn't... then there might be something for you to do, you know?

The other thing that helps. Have a friend come and watch you play. I don't know if everyone's this fortunate, but I've found a handful of people who like to just sit and watch Persona 4 be played. 
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i checked gamefaqs too. i really wanted to max out some of the social links in the 1st playthrough so I could unlock the erequivalent ultimate persona.  im sort of a completionist when it comes to rpg games. i also didnt want to miss some things.

but you will absolutely enjoy the game without checking guides or whatsoever.  i still play the game from time to time . i dont know if you have it but might wanna check persona 3 as well.

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@hedfone: video game on a  computing machine
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they got the best ending so you saw most of what there is, but you could do some s links and its still just a fun game too play even if you have seen the stuff

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