Is the persona 3 or persona 4 MC stronger?

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Who is stronger? The persona 3 MC Makoto (or minato), or the persona 4 MC Yu Narukami?

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Yu is bigger so he could beat him up, so I say he is stronger

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P3 Dude Sacrificed Himself for Mandkind, fuck Yu I mean Yu okay

Major Ass Fuck P3 Spoiler

Also what is up with all these Persona Threads.

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Don't know. I just got into giant bomb and I love persona.

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@bigjeffrey: Because Persona 5 needs to come out.

Also your logic is flawed. Yu saved the world without dying. Obviously stronger.

#6 Posted by Jay_Ray (1210 posts) -

Yu crossdressed at a high school event. He wins by default.

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@persona3rocks said:

Don't know. I just got into giant bomb and I love persona.

We all love Persona Here

Although some monsters here hate the answer it's all good.

@smcn said:

@bigjeffrey: Because Persona 5 needs to come out.

Also your logic is flawed. Yu saved the world without dying. Obviously stronger.

P3 dude has a glock, dudes fucking gangster shit.

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Why not make a poll?

P3 MC for me. Always be picking P3.

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P3 MC since he controlled Thanatos, you know the personification of death and all.

Although I liked Yu a lot more.

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In game? I found Minato substantially stronger in combat than Yu. I could basically solo any encounter with just him. (As long as I was leveled accordingly.) Where as I always had a full team in Persona 4 and felt that Yu was the weakest member in most situations in the late game when everyone else was fully powered up. Yu was still useful, I just found that unless I was using a super powerful persona like Satan he wasn't hitting as hard as the others characters.

On the story side: SPOILERS from Persona 4 arena: Yu beats the the strongest members of Persona 3: Aigis, Akihiko, Mitsuro and Elizabeth (Sorta) who have had years of combat experience, by himself! He then goes on to take on a shadow by himself, and win again. This is after defeating all his Persona 4 friends as well! All in the span of one day. But then again, this is a fighting game story, so... IT'S TOTALLY TRUE AND CANON FOR PERSONA 5 PROBABLY HOPEFULLY!

Casting my vote for Yu in the context of the universe, but for game play purposes Minato seems more powerful, At least in the PSP version. Still need to play the original PS2 version for comparison. And to play the FES part of the game.

And Yu has way more depth as a character and doesn't look all creepy emo kid. That's important too.

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That's a good idea. I think i'll make this a poll too.

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I'd say if they fight each other, and both do what they did at the end of their respective games, they'll probably just kill each other. So I'm going with a draw.

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There's no doubt that Makoto would be stronger given both of the games' endings.

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If you wanna get technical persona 3 MC because Yu couldn't do fusion spells.

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You guys realize this is a versus thread, right?

The Persona 3 protagonist would totally win. He defeated the grim reaper and sealed away Nyx, pretty much death incarnate and the bringer of the apocalypse respectively.

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@smcn: @smcn: Yu defeated Izanami. Izanami was Bitch made. Minato would beat the shit out of Narukami. Minato died because he stopped Death itself. Minato technically saved Narukami's bitchass

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P4 just defeated a manifestation of peoples desires, so he basically just changed some people's minds.

P3 shot himself in the head, multiple times, per fight, and walked it off.

P3 wins.

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P3 mc is essentially Jesus Christ, i gotta vote for him

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P3 mc defeated death and the concept of nothingness that gave birth to death. Through sheer will power and bad assery he continues to hold of the collective darkness of all of mankind from destroying everything.

Charlie's biggest accomplishment would be defeating the P3 characters in Persona 4 Arena. They after all defeated Erebus in the Answer which is the whole pizza compared to Izanami's slice.

So P3 mc wins.

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@animasta: yeah, seriously, fusion spells in vanilla p3 are like the forgotten art. P3 vanilla mc literally had a fusion spell that went 9999 on every enemy, every time. He was broken beyond belief.

#23 Posted by afabs515 (1441 posts) -

P3 MC is Jesus, so even though I like Charlie more, Minato is definitely stronger.

#24 Posted by Zomgfruitbunnies (1001 posts) -

Charlie gets all the ladies so he's stronger.

#25 Posted by Viking_Funeral (2138 posts) -

Minato / P3 MC.

*Warning: Phone Can't Do Spoilers*

Yu is a beast in P4A, but Minato lived with Thanatos in his mind for nearly a decade and took on one of the primal forces of the universe. He's on a completely different level.

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