Level 99 -- Have You Done It?

#1 Posted by ChrisTaran (1697 posts) -

I'm on my second play-through of the game now (thanks ER!). And I was just doing some level grinding while listening to some podcasts when it hit me...does anyone ever reach level 99?

In my first play through I actually tried to do a bit a grinding, I know it's not really needed, but it's just one of those RPG habits I can't break, and I only got to about level 78. This time, I'm a little past half way and I'm at level 53. 

I guess my point being that, it's quite hard to get to max level.  Each level, obviously, gets harder and harder to get to, particularly with the quick diminishing returns after awhile in dungeons. 

Has anyone here ever gotten to level 99?  Does anyone other than me even have an interest in doing so?
Just curious to see what the rest of the community thinks.

#2 Posted by Nasar7 (2858 posts) -

What difficulty are you on? If I remember correctly, its a bit easier on expert but you do still have to grind for it. And yeah, its worth it just for the awesome personas you can fuse once you reach lvl 99.

#3 Posted by Pepsiman (2494 posts) -

Persona 4 is a bit nice to those who want to actually undergo this endeavor, since you can trade the fisherman for a sword which gives you a 50% XP boost, I believe. It's what I personally used to get up into the 90s fairly quickly so I could fuse Izanagi no Okami, even if that wasn't a particularly great reward.

#4 Posted by ChrisTaran (1697 posts) -
@Nasar7: I'm on normal difficulty, guess I'll have to do expert on my 3rd play through!

@Pepsiman: See, I hate fishing so I usually avoid it unless it's a rainy day and I have nothing else to possibly do (and I'm not in a grinding mood), so I had no idea that sword existed.  I'll have to look for it now!
#5 Posted by zitosilva (1841 posts) -

No, I've never been much of a grinder. Just having enough to beat the game is enough to me, though I was a little overleveled by P4's ending.

#6 Posted by Nexas (638 posts) -

Nope I got high enough to fuse Lucifer (93 I think) and went and fought the true final boss.

#7 Posted by babblinmule (1262 posts) -

Nah, I guess lvl 99 in persona 4 never really appealed to me as theres no real incentive to reach it other than Izanagi-no-okami, which as Pepsiman said, is not all that great. Still, for the perfectionists, the game is geared towards reaching it due to things like XP boosts and SP refilling in the later levels.

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@ChrisTaran: You can actually avoid doing quite a bit of fishing if you research how to get the sword ahead of time. (I apologize for not remembering the name off the top of my head.) I do know that it involves getting a better fishing rod than you start off with by trading even more fish, but you can get those from Tanaka sometime in... October-ish, I think. Other than that, you only need to seriously fish once or twice for a specific type and there's lots of info about what signs to pay attention to so you know when to gamble the bait and when not to. It's time-consuming, but I probably would have gone insane getting to 91 if I didn't get the sword ahead of time.

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If you go solo in Magatsu Inaba with that xp gear on, you can get a really good chuck of xp.  The highest i've gone up to is level 94, mainly for Lucifers Victory Cry (I was doing laps around Magatsu).  I thought anything higher would be overkill.

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Level 99 is easy using that pringle king (may not be his real name) auto leveling trick. Cheesy as hell, but it works.

Legitimately, I have not. Takes too much damn time.

#11 Posted by Vision (797 posts) -
ChrisTaran said:
@Nasar7: I'm on normal difficulty, guess I'll have to do expert on my 3rd play through!@Pepsiman: See, I hate fishing ... [more]
There's two XP pieces. :)

And Mr. Pringles farming makes it hella easy since you can just go to sleep while it does everything for you.  It is cheesy as Stang mentioned though. :P
#12 Posted by Eirikr (1010 posts) -

I've done it twice, and it's really not worth it because you don't automatically jump to 999HP/999SP like you do in P3. Once you reach 93 to fuse Lucifer, consider yourself done.

#13 Posted by DragonofFate (50 posts) -

I'd try to, but the thought of all the grinding makes me shudder.

#14 Posted by vidiot (2737 posts) -

/has a vision that one day there will be an achievement for hitting lvl 99 for a Persona game.

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only got to lvl83 on my first play through, gonna try expert as soon as i have the time for a second playthrough and try for the max level

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