Persona 4 fighting game announced (Arc System Works)

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Character art:
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Totally saw this thread last night and woke up this morning convinced that it was a dream.  Im still kinda in shock about this whole situation lol but i am pretty pumped i mean 2 of my favorite studios working  together on a persona themed fighting game!!!! sign me up!!!!

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Bison Teddie is all kinds of amazing.

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I don't even like fighting games, but I will buy this and become the world champion at it.

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I'm no massive fighting game fan but that looks better then I thought it would. Glad to see that they're sticking to the colour scheme too.

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Kanji's Ultra: a piece of watermelon falls from the sky. He catches and uses his pepper shaker. He then consumes it and gets a small bit of health back. It would be like Kensou's lame meat bun special from King of Fighters.

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Kanji vs. Naoto will be super awkward.

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Aha, is this our chance?

Better be in there

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Yeaaaaah! Slightly older Ken!

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I wonder if there will be any RPG touches to the game, like itens or changing personas... hell, even the Velvet Room for that matter. I mean, if it's going to come for the consoles, they can come up with something more complex, right? That would be rather awesome.

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Where's Mr. Masaoka??!!!

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They opened a new website dedicated to the fighting game. There's some screens and info, but it's all in japanese. There's also an ultra-cool background song, so check it out here!

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Here's a trailer!

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@Catolf said:

@endaround: but it did.. he lives and he will destroy all!

Adios Asshole!

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