Persona 4 "Golden" annonced

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You really thought it was going to be for the PS2?

No, but I thought it might have been for the PS3 as well. Also I wasn't really saying that I wouldn't be getting a Vita or that I have something against the Vita, it's just that I much rather play games like this on a large screen at home than a small one on the go (which is the only time I would considering playing games on a hand-held). The Vita doesn't have video out either which means that hooking it up to a TV or monitor is also out of the question.

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Atlus promised they wouldn't do something like this, didn't they? Or, perhaps it not haveing "FES" in the titles means they technically kept their promise?

Yea Atlus said there would be no equivalent to P4: FES or something like that. This still sucks, why not work on a new game instead of trying to rehash games that aren't even 10 years old yet. This has to be like the Square Enix syndrome with handhelds and previous FF and DQ games. I mean in a way, this is reminding me of Valve and their reluctance to say anything about Half-Life 2: Ep. 3 or Half-Life 3. I guess it is a testament to Atlus that I put them up there with Valve and similar developers, but I'd like to see some more SMT anything on the current consoles.

You said it bro, me too.

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OH GOD FINALLY. Been spending the last half hour searching for this, but finally found it: Here are all the Persona 4 screens in that Famitsu article in a non-terrible format. Lotsa neat little details: -The place Charlie's fishing in one of those shots isn't in the original game. New area?-Croco Fur is an actual place you can visit now-- I wonder if Okina in its entirety is visitable now. I'd wager the guess that they sell the alternate outfits. -More new animated cutscenes! Seems like the august festival and some new kinda event are getting the treatment. New outfits in that scene, too. -The weird Yukiko thing in the top right is clearly some kind of attack. -If you look closely at the background of the fusion pic, it looks like past the purple filter, there is the background of a dungeon.....ON THE FLY FUSING???? Would explain why the screen is purple. Also....Tell me if I'm being crazy, but that fusion screen has some new elements to it and one of those might look like selectable skills....

The fishing area looks the same to me, just done from new angle. You have the river and the retaining wall with the steps lading down.

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They promised no PS2 "remake", but an handheld port is different, I think...

Anyway, ATLUS is not an economic powerhouse, so a couple of games like these help the development of future games. And ATLUS always add a lot of additional content to justify the expense, at least.

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This is cool and all, but I'd still rather have them working on P5 instead.

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