Persona 4 Reed Poster Set

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I took a chance on ordering these posters off of I was really conflicted, because I'm usually kinda cheap, and they cost about $35 with shipping. I originally saw them on play-asia, but by the time I wanted to buy them, they were sold out, but fortunately I later found them on playmoya. I was real conflicted about whether or not I should get them, because they weren't exactly cheap. 
I love Persona 4, and it's not often I can get posters or swag of any kind for a game I truely enjoy like this. Anyway, I just got them in the mail today, and I must say I'm glad I ordered them, and these are gonna be cool to display on my wall. Theyre kind of an small and odd size on their own, but since there's 8 posters all together, they're actually a perfect size. (about 7"x20" each poster)
I think I just wanted to make a thread about this set, because after getting them in the mail today, I gotta say they were worth the money. They look real high quality, and I love the characters in Persona 4. Even if you only like 1 character, this set has you covered pretty much by having the whole investigation team. Just wanted to give a heads up for all the Persona 4 fans in case anyone else was into collecting posters like I am.
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And that's now bookmarked...

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That doesn't look too great to me just because the character's are not all in the same type of scene.  They're all individual posters and in the background you only see a close up, faded out zoom of the characters and not their Personas, which would be much more creative in my opinion.  If I were to put up a Persona 4 poster, I wouldn't want it to just be a singular character/Persona or having to put all the posters next to each other. 
It would either look like this image, that has the Personas of the characters on the left side and the characters themselves on the right: 
Or something like this image with the arcana and summon picture of each battle character in the game: 
But whatever, you seem to enjoy those posters so I'm glad that you could get those.  35$ seems like a lot for a poster, but since there are 8 I guess it's not too much.
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@Ockman: Yeah, swag is swag and I geuss it just represents your love for the series and not your love for the posters themselves.   
The story in Persona 3 doesn't start as fast as Persona 4 because you are not immediately friendly with your doormates, you're just part of the same group: SEES.  But as it progresses and you think the game is finally over, given what happens every full moon, you find out that it's not over at all and the situation basicallly reverses.  SEES gets closer to eachother as the game progresses and they're not just dorm mates.   
Also, I found the special events in the game to be better then in Persona 4 (you end up going on a babe hunt with Junpei and Akihiko, you end up in the same type of situation in Persona 4 where you and the other guys end up in the spa at the same time as the girls, but this time you get to play a little "stealth" mini game where you can avoid getting caught for an awesome scene afterwards...).  The game is definitely worth going through as I found the story to be either as great as Persona 4's, or greater.  But maybe that's just because I played Persona 3 FES before Persona 4.
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" And that's now bookmarked... "
Bookmarking as well. Very nice site.
Also I agree. They could have been better, but oh well.
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@FluxWaveZ: I love how Mintao has the Deaths card hidden behind the Fools, kinda a spoiler i guess. Also I never got why Thanatos is shown as his persona instead of Messiah

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