Persona 4 Vs Persona 3

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#101 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19321 posts) -
@SpiralStairs: Both are fucking awesome, so you're missing out.
#102 Posted by SpiralStairs (1020 posts) -

I've thought about starting Persona 4 several times. Hell, I almost did yesterday night. But as I said. Persona 3 was, in my opinion, perfect. The tone, characters, and especially the ending. 
Is Persona 4 sad like P3? I've always wondered if they took a different approach to the story or if it's the same kind of tone.

#103 Posted by IchiroYagiza (442 posts) -

Persona 3 have a serious tone and Persona 4 is kinda laid back.  
Either way, both are awesome games. XD

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3, I just prefer the darker story/atmosphere and I thought the S-Links were more interesting. However the amount of grinding in 3 is awful sometimes, so 4 has the advantage there. Both are great games.

#105 Posted by Hourai (2795 posts) -
@Du2andal said:
" I prefer the setting and characters of P3 but the gameplay refinements of P4. "
#106 Posted by zonerover (584 posts) -

Maybe I just like the endurance run too much, but everything about Persona 4 seemed better to me. A note about this opinion though - I haven't actually played either game, I've just seen the entire endurance run and parts of Persona 3 via YouTube. So admittedly that does make me rather biased, but an opinion is an opinion.

#107 Posted by JackFrost (13 posts) -

Persona 4 is way better in my opinion, hands down. The story, the characters, it's all superior. Better ending, too. Persona 3 had too many characters, too. Persona 4 was just more fun. And with the option to control your party, it just beat Persona 3. Now I'm playing portable, and it's pretty awesome. But nothing can beat Kanji. Nothing.

#108 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19321 posts) -
@JackFrost said:

  1. " Better ending, too.
  2. Persona 3 had too many characters, too.  "
  1. Does. Not. Compute.
  2. How is that a bad thing when each of them has a unique personality and is developed?
#109 Posted by JackFrost (13 posts) -
@FluxWaveZ said:

" @JackFrost said:

  1. " Better ending, too.
  2. Persona 3 had too many characters, too.  "
  1. Does. Not. Compute.
  2. How is that a bad thing when each of them has a unique personality and is developed?
For one,
Two, it seemed way happier than Persona 3's ending. Three, better ending credits song, in my opinion.
And, when there's too many characters, you gotta grind for all of them. Besides yourself, and Rise, you had 3 slots for characters, and 6 other playable characters. That's a good amount. In Persona 3, besides you, and Fuuka,  there's 8,
And since when did Koramaru have a personality? And since when was he developed character?  ಠ_ಠ Mitsuru and Akihiko were just boring. And Fuuka's voice was so monotone. P4's characters were much more fun.
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I like the setting and the pacing of P3 more, but I prefer P4 overall because of the characters and how they were involved in the story. Having to save your party members and help unlock their personas rather than just gaining people who already have the power and plowing through more levels of a dungeon was much more interesting to me. The last boss and ending of P3 are pretty great though.

Edit: Galactic Punt ftw

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As much as I love both of the games, I have to go with Persona 4.
The game down-to-earth than 3 was, and I grew more attached to 4's great cast of characters. Mechanics-wise, it was a more polished Persona 3 (though I guess P3P hold that title now). Being able to control your party members was a definite plus, and the new game plus for 4 isn't a total game breaker (killing a boss in one or two hits isn't a whole lot of fun, in my opinion). The game had more lighthearted and humorous moments and  an amazing storyline. I absolutely loved the game's soundtrack as well (although 3's is still pretty sweet).

#112 Posted by JackFrost (13 posts) -
@Hilikus said:
" I like the setting and the pacing of P3 more, but I prefer P4 overall because of the characters and the story.  Edit: Galactic Punt. "
True dat. Although, the rural area of Inaba seems like a really nice place to live.
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I'm pretty close to beating Persona 3, and these are my thoughts on it so far... 
I like the combat more in Persona 3...  With the ability to split up, and the inability to take direct command, things go much faster, which fits my play style much more.  The lack of a "direct command" option is in no way a plus, but I personally like it that way, and the AI is pretty smart, so it isn't a major issue. 
While I enjoy the gameplay more in Persona 3, I think the characters in Persona 4 are much more endearing.  The social links in Persona 3 felt like they were going nowhere, because nothing interesting really happened.  Persona 4 has much better special events (King's Game, Camping Trip, Watermelon Party, etc.) in my opinion, mostly because the characters were so well-made. 
I can't say much story-wise, as I've yet to complete Persona 3, but so far they both seem very well written.  I just hope Persona 3's ending isn't awful. 
Also, Koromaru is win.

#114 Posted by JackFrost (13 posts) -
@TheGremp said:
 The lack of a "direct command" option is in no way a plus, but I personally like it that way, and the AI is pretty smart, so it isn't a major issue.
Just wait until the final boss -if you use Junpei- 
#115 Posted by SpiralStairs (1020 posts) -
The ending is my favorite part of P3. It's one of the best I've seen in gaming. If you didn't like the characters though then you might not like it as much as I did.
#116 Posted by 21stCenturyJesus (174 posts) -

i havent played 4, but i adore 3
#117 Posted by SpiralStairs (1020 posts) -

I tried playing P3 again, but everything about the story is still fresh in my mind, I think I'll give it another year so I can have another really good playthrough. Instead, I put P4 in my PS2. However, I'll probably play something on my computer or my PS3 instead.

#118 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

Persona 3 had a better setting and atmosphere. 
Persona 4 had better gameplay. 
Persona 3 Portable is PERFECT.

#119 Posted by SpiralStairs (1020 posts) -

Well, I tried it last night. I can't say I liked it too much. But, I'm not going to give up on it just yet. The only part I found interesting was the murder, but I think the characters are annoying.
I remember I hated Persona 3 when I started it though, so It might be worth going on.

#120 Posted by Astinos33 (9 posts) -

Having also recently finished back to back runs of Persona 3:  FES and Persona 4, I'll say that I wholeheartedly agree with Superkenon. The journey of Persona 4 was clearly superior, while the climax of Persona 3 was more intriguing. 
 I also feel that Persona 3 had a deeper emotional impact on me than it's successor, regardless of the fact that I really felt only minimal connection to the characters and plot for many hours of the storyline. 
(I should point out that I watched the entirety of the Persona 4 Endurance Run before my first play through, which may have hindered my ability to take it seriously).      

#121 Posted by Masaki (1 posts) -
@Khantael said:
" I prefer the story and characters in Persona 4, but the battle system in 3 (even if the AI could drive me nuts when they went and did something stupid). "
Im the oposite. 
P3 [FES and Normal] = Better Ending , history (the whole game and the events) and characters (not Social-L, i mean their history and their friendship)
P4 = Gameplay (combat, dungeon, Social-L ) and graphics.
#122 Posted by NekoArisato13 (1 posts) -

First off, reviving dead threads for the win! Second, Persona 3 was my first Persona game and it always will hold a special place in my heart. That said, I honestly think it's a better game. The music was astounding, I loved the characters (because I know people pretty much exactly like all of them), The social links were great, the storyline to me was more powerful and thought-evoking, I loved the darker, serious tone of the story, and I identified so much with the way I played the main character. P4's MC was more of a "Brotagonist" which I did not enjoy. Anyways, those are my points.

#123 Posted by Zripwud (246 posts) -

Both are great games. I prefer P4 thought 'cause of the characters.

#124 Posted by lockon_one (93 posts) -

both games are great. hard to choose but i prefer persona 4 over 3. p4 was lighter and improved almost everything good from p3. imo p3 has a little better story than p4.

#125 Posted by xtafxfoulfellow (81 posts) -

I think both games are great but when it comes down to it, I plowed through P3 during my first playthrough. I played P4 for 20 hours, didn't touch it for months, restarted, played 25 hours, didn't touch it for months, then inched my way through it over the course of months. It wasn't until I heard P4: Arena was coming out as a "sequel" that I really soaked myself in P4, eventually logging 100+ hours. Having said that, I think I wanna go back and play P3.

Long story short: Persona 3

#126 Posted by mtcantor (947 posts) -

I enjoy P4 more in every respect. P3 had great ideas but P4 perfected them.

#127 Posted by Petiew (1341 posts) -

Persona 3. They worked hard to make your party members seem like actual characters rather than just mannequins you direct around. I think this really improved the story and made it overall a much better game.
P4 had streamlined combat, but the element of strategy and difficulty was reduced somewhat. I just steamrolled every dungeon with the starting 4, while in P3 I levelled up every character and often had to create an optimal party for Tartarus bosses.

#128 Posted by ChosenOne (201 posts) -

I vote for P4, because I did not like P3's ending.

Have never been a fan of any story that ends with the main character sacrificing themselves to save everyone else.

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Personally, I am on persona 3's side. It seems like a game that takes itself much more seriously and I like the darker atmosphere than 4. Now they are both almost flawless games but 3 is just much better in my opinion, allow me to go through each section so you understand.

Gameplay- This I will have to give to persona 4; the gameplay is much better than in 3. But that doesn't save the entire game because while it is better it is not perfect. While it is a lot more fluid and it is easier to go with; sometimes I feel like the battles are too fast. I go up, hit the shadow, attack once or twice, and POOF the battles over. While this is a good thing for the most part, after a while it could get annoying with just how fast the battles would end making them more of a pointless and annoyance task than a battle. But this did make the little grinding needed much fast, thus making it not as annoying. So over all the battle simulations are much better as well as social simulation.

Story- This is the reason I like 3 more; the story is much better than 4's story. The whole dark theme really was flawless in 3; it made the game much more serious and it made the game much more enjoyable to me. 4 felt like it was trying to go for a T rating, because of just how light hearted it is. I could not get into the story for 4 nearly as much as in 3 because of how goofy it could be at some points. Also I felt like in the end of the day everything turned out ok for them, compared to in 3 they have had there time in hell and it helped them become stronger not only individually but also together as a group, and it teaches you that in the end of the day there may be some loses but it also may be worth it for the future. Also what they "lose" in 4 is not nearly as bad as what they lose in 3. In 4 the only thing that they can lose is there secrets, in 3 the loses that happen were way worse (I don't want to spoil anything). Over all 4 was to really goofy and playing this right after playing 3 really hurt its story in the end.

Concept- This is a really hard one for me. When I say concept I mean the midnight channel vs the dark hour. They are both very unique concepts and both (clearly) play the biggest part in the game aside from the characters. The dark hour is more of (as mitsuru says) a labyrinth while the midnight channel is more of an other world. I will say that 4 has the more unique concept since the whole world is in the T.V. but I feel like the dark hour has more of a mystery and more of a purpose. Well lets start with the dark hour; this could be classified as the thirteenth hour for it is a period of time between the end and beginning of each day. In 4 the midnight channel is a hidden world inside the T.V.... that's about all I can say with out spoiling anything; but it is very interesting and equally as unique of an idea. All and all this part is a draw because they are both super creative ideas.

Dungeons- I will have to go with 3's tartarus over the castles in 4; this was very close though and I will explain why. While the grinding was certainly more annoying in 3 the way the castles were made in 4 were way more annoying than in 3. I liked how straight forward tartarus was; you go in and walk around until you find stairs, while 4 has the same idea, the doors and keys made it way more tedious and easy to get lost in. In 4 if you didn't fight the sub boss and get the key (which could happen a couple times) you had to go back down until you find the boss and get the key; this. was. ANNOYING! I hated this as well as the whole goho-m thing; instead of having a return pad like in 3 there were three to ways to get out. On paper this sounds better but trust me its not; you have to use an item called goho-m that will send you to the entrance, if you don't have one you must walk...all....the....way....back. This can be so annoying, fortunately by level 30-40 you should have a skill that lets you do this but still that is about 1/3 into the game. The shadow encounters are almost identical so there isn't much to cover there.

Social links- This is a tough one as well; this one also goes to 4 because of how many improvements there were added onto this system. First off the characters are not nearly as annoying in 4 as they were 3 (yes maiko I know you parents are getting a divorce, get. the. fuck. over. it) but that is mainly because about half of the social links are main or side characters so there really is no room for them to be annoying. Also how they interact with each other is very cool and a welcome feature in my mind; if you are hanging out with a friend another social link character might come along and hangout with you, this is very cool and feels more realistic. But Yu(4's main character) feels much more forced to be there and the conversations are much more bland and I got real bored of a social link fast in that game. Over all 4 wins.

Now for the tie breaker, this is how it went down in my mind and this is what made me choose 3 over four.

CHARACTERS- talk about the ultimate tie breaker, this was the hardest out of all the categories but when it comes down to it, I prefer 3's characters over 4's. Lets start with main characters, SEES vs the investigation group. In 3 the characters felt more like a real group of people than in 4; in 4 you get there talk for about a week and you are instantly best friends. In 3 only towards the end could I really say that they were best friends and that is how life works. If you played both games you should notice that 4 has less characters this can be good and bad; if you leave one character out then anyone will see it and it will be very noticeable, but in 3 there were so many characters that I myself forgot than some of them were there. In 3 the group as a whole as more of a reason to be a group and to do what they do; for example a couple members of SEES knew about the dark hour and how dangerous it is, so the group was created so they could end it thus ending any shadows from being formed. In 4 they just get really curious and that is the whole reason the group exists; granted it does get more in depth as the story goes along by the end you realize that is the groups main aspect and its orgin. There aren't many side characters in either game but I guess I have to give it to 4 because of his family, Dojima and Nanako. Over all though 3's characters have more of a charm to me, in 4 there are distinctions between the characters but in 3 you can categorize them and that makes them more identifiable. Let me explain, in 4 the only diverse characters and Kanji and Teddie, because they have distinct personalities, Naoto,Yukiko, Chie, and Rise can literally have the same exact emotion and feel exactly the same, as Mitsuru, Yukari and Fuuka may all see the situation differently; one might be sad, one mad and one confused, but they are never equally as mad as another character. Don't get me wrong this happens in 4 but most the time they all feel like they have the same emotion compared to in 3.

Well there it is, I could go on forever but I must stop somewhere. I love both games they are both nearly flawless and are some of the best games I have played, but in the end I like 3 the most. It may be that it was my first one, or that I experienced that one in the dark on my T.V. screen and 4 on my vita. But either way 3 is just a tiny bit ahead of 4.

#130 Posted by Persona3rocks (33 posts) -

Personally, I felt that persona 3 FES was better. First of all, the last month in p3 was ten million times better than the last month in p4. The ending was also much deeper and had a lot more meaning. P3's story was just put together a lot better. The characters were also more realistic. Not their personalities, but their relationships with one another. In p4 , the characters always got along perfectly and never had any real fights (that stuff between yosuke and chie doesn't count, they weren't seriously pissed at one another). In p3 , the characters actually had problems with one another, the first issue being between yukari and mitsuru. They genuinely did not like each other. There was also the hate between ken and shinjiro.

The characters in p3 also had a lot more development ( mainly yukari, aigis, junpei, and mitsuru). Their pasts and feelings were actually focused on and important. The story couldn't have happened without the characters. In p4, the characters really couldn't do shit without the mc.

Overall, persona 3 was much better. But don't get me wrong, I absolutely love p4!!!

#131 Posted by TooWalrus (13155 posts) -

Woah. Old ass thread. Persona 3. FES, specifically, and in every aspect.

#132 Edited by TooWalrus (13155 posts) -

Woah. Old ass thread. Persona 3. FES, specifically, and in every aspect.

#133 Edited by believer258 (11775 posts) -

I'm getting close to the end of P3FES and I've seen the Endurance Run. I have to say that Persona 4's story seems to just fall apart at the end. Now, don't get me wrong, Persona 3's story isn't exactly a tightly-woven masterpiece, but after Nanako recovered the story gets kinda muddy. I'm going to play through Persona 4 myself pretty soon after finishing 3, though, and maybe I missed some things. On the character side of things, I don't think either one is better than the other. There are too many moments in 4 where the whole investigation team gives the same "We're gonna win through the power of friendship!" pep talk, a complaint that has barely plagued Persona 3. Even if over the month of January that shit gets worse in 3, it still won't outmatch the fact that Persona 4 is just way overwritten. Not really Kojima levels of overwritten, but watching the ER, I did feel like many conversations restated things and went on for far too long.

That said, 4 has much, much better gameplay. If Persona 3 has any major flaws, it's the inability to control your other party members. The argument has been made that this makes them feel more like characters and less like your pawns, but I don't buy that. Chrono Trigger's characters are not cheapened by your ability to control them. Neither are Kingdom Hearts's, Final Fantasy's, or Dragon Age's. Just how that particular idea got past its initial suggestion is baffling, not because a computer couldn't potentially handle the game as well as or better than the player, but because you are trying to mix the computer's strategies with the players and that doesn't work right. Even when it turns out well, which it thankfully does most of the time, it doesn't work right. You'll note that I just said that "it generally turns out well" and it does - but I can genuinely say that more than half of the battles have involved the AI using a skill that I would not have.

Other issues I have with P3FES's gameplay involve a lack of ability to pull up the full map and lacking the ability to leave a floor and start from where you left off, things that P4 improved on. Of course P3P exists and if you don't mind the cursor and visual novel presentation, then it comes out as the best of the bunch in my opinion. However, that game loses a fair amount of character when you can't run around the world and you can't see the characters move and you don't see the terribly-animated cutscenes. I don't see how anyone can know exactly what is going on in occasional scenes in P3P without those animations or cutscenes, either, though I haven't played all the way through it so maybe I'll find out at some point.

This whole post looks like it's complaining, but I'm just nitpicking P3 and 4 because I've come to really enjoy both. They are both very fun and entertaining games in many ways, but I'd like to see P5 come out without the above faults.

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Even though this argument is useless (we all know which one is better) and thread is old as holy hell. Persona 3 FES

#135 Posted by LiquidPrince (15901 posts) -

I literally just beat Persona 4 Golden last night again and am going through another NG+. Even 4 yours since I posted in this thread last, I still like P4 better. The characters are a lot more likeable, and the locations and atmosphere is a lot more light hearted. Which means that when shit gets serious in P4 it really feels serious.

In a somewhat unrelated metaphor, It's kind of how I view Shonen anime. You have a light hearted cast and armosphere, so that when shit goes dark it feels all the more dark in contrast. Luffy is super light hearted, Goku is light hearted, and Naruto is light hearted, so when shit gets serious and those character get pissed, you know stuff is getting serious.

#136 Edited by EquitasInvictus (2020 posts) -

This is a tough choice for me, but I really have to go with Persona 3: FES on this one (notwithstanding The Answer).

It definitely didn't pull any punches with its edgy and dark undertones (Evokers, Tartarus, social links going awry and even reaching dead ends if you're a jerk, and some social link characters potentially randomly getting stuck in Tartarus needing rescue) along with some ambitious storytelling even beyond the MC's immediate sphere of influence (parts pertaining to Shinjiro, Junpei and Chidori, etc. I thought were really well done!)

Not to mention the cast had a lot of great variety and quirks; I think Elizabeth is probably the best person to come out of the Velvet Room ever. (Haven't played P4G yet to get to know Marie so at least that is subject to change).

I love both games a bunch, though! Really excited what they'll have in store for the next game.

#137 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (533 posts) -

It's tough for me but I have to go with Persona 3. I just enjoyed the characters and story more in 3.

#138 Posted by razoredraspberry (8 posts) -

Even though I absolutely never grew to like Junpie, I still prefer persona 3 FES. I just love the dark tone. Persona 4 had its darkness, but was just too bubbly for me.

#139 Posted by Petiew (1341 posts) -

Looks like I posted 7 months ago saying exactly the same thing, but it's still got to be P3.

Aside from their dungeons the P4 characters didn't go through much development throughout the story. The S-links were all optional, so they couldn't put any major character development in there. I feel like they were generally the same person once you finished the social link as they were before you started it. None of that was ever reflected in the story unfortunately. (Aside from Teddie, since his social link development was all mandatory.)

Persona 3 put most of the character development into the actual linear story. Aside from Koromaru they all go through some major changes and some minor ones to their characters over the course of the story. The fact you were living with all these characters also fleshed them out and made them seem a bit more real as well. There was new dialogue every couple of days, and little things like Junpei having a "Great" status after exams, or Akihiko and Mitsuru not being able to visit Tartarus because they needed to study for their university entrance exams were nice touches that added a lot of personality I feel P4 lacked.

#140 Posted by Fribain (81 posts) -

Both games are fantastic and have their pros and cons so I can't really choose

Did anyone else play SMT: Strange Journey? I'm not sure how I felt about its story since it was just so....strange, but after P4 and P3 it's definitely my favorite SMT game. The bosses were so friggin' hard and actually required a lot of planning to take down (at least in my case).

#141 Posted by ThomasG666 (154 posts) -

Well after playing Persona 3, I thought I'd played the ultimate jrpg. Didn't believe anything could top it. Then I played Persona 4 and blew me away.

#142 Posted by Plasticstars (171 posts) -

I prefer the art style and general feel of 3, but I find 4 much more enjoyable to go back to.

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Dunno if I posted in this thread before, but Persona 4, no contest. At least in the English language version, the P3 characters all come across as far more stereotypical "anime high schoolers," whereas P4 seems to constantly subvert those tropes in meaningful ways. P3's English dub also has way, way, way more cringeworthy lines, especially in serious moments centered around Mitsuru, Fuuka, and Aegis. When compounded with the gameplay, there's really no question at all.

I think P3's still rad in a lot of ways, but P4 is immaculate.

#144 Posted by believer258 (11775 posts) -

@fribain said:

Both games are fantastic and have their pros and cons so I can't really choose

Did anyone else play SMT: Strange Journey? I'm not sure how I felt about its story since it was just so....strange, but after P4 and P3 it's definitely my favorite SMT game. The bosses were so friggin' hard and actually required a lot of planning to take down (at least in my case).

I finally did track down a copy of Strange Journey. I've only played it for about ten hours, but I do like it. If you liked that sort of balls-hard difficulty, though, you should play Nocturne. Just from what I've played of both, I'd say that Nocturne is a better game all-around, though Strange Journey is certainly a very, very good game as well.

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I've always wanted to play Nocturne but I keep forgetting about it. Thank you for reminding me! I'll track down a copy as soon as possible.

I can't really remember how far into Strange Journey you'd be at 10 hours. Maybe near the end of Boötes? The game gets quite a bit better after that in my opinion (as well as MUCH harder. Boötes' final boss is brutal). But since I haven't played Nocturne I can't really say which I'd prefer.

#146 Posted by Persona3rocks (33 posts) -

I commented on this earlier, but I'd like to add on to my answer. ***SPOILER WARNING***

Characters (cont.)

I much prefer the persona 3 cast to the persona 4 cast. One reason is that the characters in p3 had a lot more development. People could argue that the party members' shadows in p4 made them more developed, but really, the shadows just presented a random personality flaw almost immediately after you meet that character. It is then resolved two seconds later, and that character is done with development for the rest of the game. In p3, however, a personality flaw is introduced in a party member early on in the game, and then gradually resolved over the course of the game. The party members' flaws in p3 would be resolved in a resolution that came late in the came, which I liked a lot better than having a character's main flaw be fixed two seconds after meeting them.


In this category, p3 also wins. I felt that p3's theme of Death was a lot deeper and more meaningful than p4's theme of truth. In p3, the characters had to learn to accept the fact that one day they would die, and they also had to deal with many deaths of close friends throughout the game. In The Answer, this was expressed even more, as all the characters had to learn to accept the MC's death.

Also, p4's story just seemed to be a little dragged on towards the end of the game. The mystery went on forever, and then Izanami was randomly thrown in at the end of the game. I p3, I felt that everything was there for a reason. And the last two months of p4 don't even compare to the last two months of p3. The ending of p3 was the greatest ending I've ever seen in a game, as was the final boss, Nyx. The Nyx fight was extremely epic. I felt that Izanami was put in in p4 in an attempt to make a final boss as awesome as Nyx. But Izanami didn't really have a meaning in the story like Nyx did.

Lastly, the ending cut scenes in p3 were also amazing. I was kinda disappointed in p4's ending cut scenes. Characters even got more development at the ending of the game. In the good ending, Aigis got a lot more development, and Mitsuru got a little bit more development (her speech). In the bad ending, Junpei and Yukari got a little bit more development, and Mitsuru got a lot (again her speech).

As much as I love p4, p3 was just a lot more meaningful and had a much better, bigger picture than p4 did.

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To be frank, both games are great, anyone who decides not to try one or the other based on some flimsy comparison is trying too hard to find something to not like, rather than focusing on having fun and enjoying games. I've had enough of people in my life who try too hard to find things to dislike.

However, since this is a discussion, here's my take: I would like them both equally, however P4 squeaks out ahead mainly due to gameplay mechanics.

P3 and P4's story and characters are completely equal to me. Both do what they intended to do, both had silliness and copouts, both had elements that were underdeveloped. P3 did a certain thing, and P4 did its own thing, I would be far less interested in P4 if they just tried to rehash the story of P3, instead they focused on different things. Both stories worked because they weren't trying to fill in checkboxes of X characters had to die in arbitrary ways.

Which just leaves gameplay, for which I love the gameplay of both, even the changes between the two. And the only reason P4 squeaks ahead is because of direct control.

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There is seriously nothing to add to this discussion, and I certainly don't have it in me to write a novel right now. But basically atmosphere, story, and music go to Persona 3 (I have only played portable), and characters, gameplay, and presentation go to Persona 4. Between the two, I have to choose 4, but I want to go back and play P3P after I platinum P4G.

Any comments on playing as the girl character in P3P?

Also there better be Persona 5 details this year.

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@biospock said:

Any comments on playing as the girl character in P3P?

The story remains pretty much identical, but you're given more opportunities to interject and build a character for yourself. For example, you're more likely to get the opportunity to comment on a situation, and the party will react to your demeanor. Plus the party itself makes up a big chunk of your s-links, helping to develop their characters, and your relationship to them much better.

In general, the female character's unique s-links are an improvement for the same reason that P4's are; they learned a lot of what works and what doesn't from P3 vanilla.

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4 all the way.

Better Story

Better Characters

Better battlesystem

Better style and music

The only thing I really like more about 3 is that you can fuck up relationships ay easier than you could do in P4. In P4 you really had to try very hard to actually get in bad relationships through dheating or whatever.

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