Phoenix Ranger Featherman R

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That's the name of the TV show Nanako is always watching. Sorry for a dumb thread.

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@Red: It's in P2 also.
 Know Episodes
  • Episode 14: Giantbomb!
  • Episode 16: Confusion in the Presses!
  • Episode 17: The Priestess' Revival
  • Episode 18: Death of a Condor
  • Episode 19: Believe in Yourself!
  • Episode 20: Married Life
  • Episode 23: Here Comes a New Challenger!
    • This episode included a special Apathy Syndrome announcement from Feather Condor.
  • Episode 24: Giant Robot March! Icaras! Garuda! Combine!
  • Episode 25: The Shadow's Half-Smile!
  • Episode 34: Hawk's Betrayal!
  • Episode 35: Passenger Pigeon Romance!
  • Episode 36: Ant-Guy, The Walking Appetite!
  • Episode 37: Here Comes The Emperor!
  • Episode 38: Hammer Ambush!
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@SmashedControllers said:
"Sorry for a dumb thread. "
Then why make it?
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Hmmm. Odd, because Phoenix Ranger Featherman R is also a show in P3. Ken even gives you a Featherman R doll for an elizabeth sidequest.

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" @Red: It's in P2 also. "
Did you reply to a post that wasn't made yet?
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@FrankCanada97: Back to the Future!
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Kanji Tatsumi admits to having been a fan in his childhood. Naoto Shirogane's dungeon, Secret Laboratory, is also referenced as being similar to many of the secret bases found in such shows. In his job as caretaker, the protagonist watches as the children act out moves from the show. A kid in particular, Yuuta enjoyed watching the show as he gets along with his stepmother Eri Minami 


Ken Amada is embarrassed that he owns a Phoenix Ranger Featherman R action figure, since he's already established precocious maturity as an impression to his fellow SEES members. The show can be watched on the TV in the dorm every Sunday evening. 


Tatsuya, Jun, Lisa, Eikichi and Maya roleplayed as these heroes during their childhood, wearing masks of the characters and dubbing themselves as the Masquerade. 



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" Known Episodes
  • Episode 14: Giantbomb!
Are you for serius
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@Urmean: Nope that's the name of the episode.
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" @Urmean: Nope that's the name of the episode. "

So then yes that actually is the name. or No you made up the name.. 
Why do I feel like that scene from Clue.
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" @SmashedControllers said:
" Known Episodes
  • Episode 14: Giantbomb!
Are you for serius "
Ya was wondering that same thing myself.
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@IntramanDW: That actually is the name. Well the full name is Operation G.I.A.N.T.B.O.M.B!
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Other Power Ranger kind of crap...

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no kiddin i thought it was just a blurry still image great find OP

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