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This may have been asked before, i am not sure. I tried to look for it but could not find anything. I am on the second to last dungeon(killers dungeon) and i do not know how to fuse the "ultimate persona". When you max the social link you and it says you can now make so and so persona. I just wanted to know if their was an online list that shows to fuse these persona ect...

Thanks in advance

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It depends on the Arcana.  For example the top persona for Magician is Mada and you just need to fuse a 78 Level Magician persona.  For Chariot its Futsunushi and there you have a pentagon recipe show up in the fusing room.`

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im sure the website may contain some spoilers for you but not this page as far as i am aware

Scroll to the bottom of this page, hope it helps somewhat

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When you get the 'ultimate' persona available for fusing for any arcana, it tells you what you need right in the fusing screen. Obviously to get the 'ingredients' for all of them is another can find plenty of fusing guides though.

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Porridgelad said:
im sure the website may contain some spoilers for you but not this page as far as i am awareScroll ... [more]
Yes this helped a lot. Thank you very much

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