Quick Q, how long is the P4 Endurance Run, start to finish?

#1 Posted by MadLaughter (211 posts) -

I just finished DP ER, and have searched a bit for the answer to this but couldn't find it.  If you add up each and every part of the ER, how many hours am I looking at?

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Twice as long as DP maybe, , Personas video count goes over 100

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Not sure, but their final playtime was 99 hours 59 minutes. So I guess around that long. 

#4 Posted by Hourai (2795 posts) -

The time count at the last episode was around 100 hours, but there's a few more hours than that since they died a couple times. 

#5 Posted by EuanDewar (5117 posts) -

Something like 99 hours I think? When they finished it they said on the podcast their final playtime was somewhere around 100 hours so somewhere in that area.

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100+ hours.

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Approximately 105-110 hours. This is excluding the one or two livestreams they did. Their final Persona 4 save time indicated 99:59, but this doesn't represente the time of cutscenes, of them at the intro screens or load screens, of them dying and having to restart, the "behind the scenes video", etc.

#8 Posted by Pickingwings (182 posts) -

Well they had 99 hours and 59 minutes of game play according to the game, and not including times they died and had to replay some sections.  So somewhere around 100-102 hours?

#9 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12261 posts) -

Their game clock ends at 99 hours. Considering they had to restart a couple of times, I would say you are looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of 110 hours. Of course, you probably can skip some of the more grindy (or fusion-heavy) episodes, as most of that is them battling with the occasional amusing comment.

#10 Posted by MadLaughter (211 posts) -

Damn! Thanks for the quick replies, guys, sorry it was such a pointless question. 

#11 Posted by B0nd07 (1703 posts) -

Somewhere around 100 - 105 hours.

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I've actually been watching some endurance run videos on the down time. Yeah , at least 100 hours and I'm at epi 24

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The Persona 4 ER was complete with a time of  99:59.  Add that to the times the guys had to replay sections because they died, I'm gonna say it is easily 101-105 hours long. But don't let that number scare you, if you just watch all the story bits (which are the best parts in the game, and really the only parts worth watching), I'm gonna say it's at least 70-80 hours long.

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Even though it's long, the P4 Endurance Run is so much fun to watch.

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Yeah, it's long. But trust me, it's so worth it.

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Yea it's over 100 glorious hours.

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I found I could skip a lot of combat and running around dungeons while watching it. If you skip in 1 minute bursts you can always go back if something crazy happens. Combat gets kinda samey.

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yeah if your going to watch all of it, it definitely takes some time... did it over the summer last year...

#19 Posted by LiquidS (971 posts) -

Not long enough.

#20 Posted by JeanLuc (3616 posts) -
@Insectecutor said:
" I found I could skip a lot of combat and running around dungeons while watching it. If you skip in 1 minute bursts you can always go back if something crazy happens. Combat gets kinda samey. "
I started to do that after a while but you have to be careful. I almost missed them meeting fox in the Game Dungeon. So glad I didn't.
#21 Posted by MikkaQ (10346 posts) -

I tend to watch while playing minecraft. It's great because I'll zone out in minecraft, and like six videos later I've built something amazing and huge that I hadn't really payed attention to. 

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It took me about four months to watch the whole thing. Over 100 hours. 
I didn't skip anything, even the most boring combat.

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@LiquidS said:
" Not long enough. "

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