Re-Endure the Persona 4 Endurance Run: Episode 1!

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@Make_Me_Mad: Man, I really don't like it when they spend tons of time unnecessarily grinding. It just puts them at a lower level in the long run because when they actually get to a dungeon with enemies worth fighting, they feel burned out and start skipping them.
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Episode 28, the boss battle against Contrarian King!  You don't want to miss this one.



Jeff and Vinny fuse, discover Jack Frost, and attempt to game the fusion system, much to the dismay of everyone everywhere.  Also, Eligor was my main Persona when I went in to fight Yukiko's shadow.  The idea that they're just fusing it now... the continued survival of Charlie in extraordinary circumstances never ceases to amaze me.
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Them getting completely destoryed by the King, and Jeff laughing his ass off at the circumstance, is awesome and always makes me chuckle.
"You gotta get it up to get your rocks off!"  Indeed Jeff.

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Faced with Rampage and the immediate aftermath, laughter was really the only response possible.  Even Drew couldn't help it in the control room.  Also, love Vinny's continued indignation at the loss.
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@Make_Me_Mad said:
" @Gnorbooth:Faced with Rampage and the immediate aftermath, laughter was really the only response possible.  Even Drew couldn't help it in the control room.  Also, love Vinny's continued indignation at the loss. "
Haha indeed.  My favorite death of theirs will always be when they are going back through a certain questionable for minor's "dungeon" and they run into those wonderful birds with hama/mahama.  Vinny was always so innocent when it came to pressing the good ole' triangle button to speed things up, and Charlie gets a phat instant death after an hour of worthless grinding and no save.  COMEDY GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Plus it had Jeff laughing his ass off again at the predicament.  Which I always find amusing.
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Episode 29!  Out of the Midnight Channel and back to social linking and story advancement.



Morooka gives Jeff a new catchphrase,  Chie gets tutored, Nanako continues to be incredibly depressing, and Yosuke screws up social situations.  This more than makes up for the extended dungeon grinding.  The whole phone call with Dojima is just great.  Then the Junes meet up and Yosuke's... questionable comments.  Awesome episode today.
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Sorry for getting really far ahead (I'm on episode 32 now,) I've had some terrible insomnia and have been watching ER episodes in the meantime. 
Still, the last ten episodes or so have been excellent. I'm pretty sure I personally prefer Social Linking to anything else as a viewer, though Contrarian King was super entertaining. 
Though next episode adds to the ER in a way almost as awesome as Morooka's new catchphrase.

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Jeff and Vinny always got so exasperated whenever Yosuke screwed up social situations.

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Ugh i have watched the whole endurance run now and loved everything minute of it, seriously it would kill me to watch it again haha

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Episode 30.  Remember kids, don't do drugs.



As easy as it is to bask in the glory of the first Eleven minutes of this episode, there's definitely something to be said about doing leapfrogs with Chie, seeing Yosuke get slapped, and Dojima passing out questionable gifts.


To be fair, Yosuke is always screwing up social situations.


Social Linking and story stuff is usually more entertaining, but the boss battles at the very least are almost always worth seeing.
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I forgot how much I loved the endurance run but those 1hr+ episodes are going to be tough.

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 The one-two punch of Ep 29 and 30 is something to behold.  Some great moments.  I still use the "popularity leads to intimacy Vinny," wherever I damn can!  Would work better if I actually knew a "Vinny."
"Charlie, listen to me.  Kill the kid, torch the house, we gotta get out of here!"  
And I don't even want to delve into the insanity of Mysterious Fox.  Magical, to say the least.

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The real test will be the grinding in old dungeon episodes.  I'll probably warn people on those ahead of time so that they can watch at their own discretion.  At least let them know how long the level grinding goes on for.
I'd completely forgotten that Vinny was all for going out with Yumi at the start of the run.  Good stuff, but you know how those drama girls are...
All of these story heavy episodes bunched together usually make for some memorable times.  Best episodes always seem to follow the more grueling dungeon trips, like a certain 2 hour boss fight that leads into some of the craziest story stuff in the game, and one of the contenders for best ER episode.
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God, I had forgotten how much I loved Mysterious Fox here, so much crazy! I can't decide whether this or the cross-dressing pageant is my favorite episode.

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Episode 31.  Short episode today, burning through cash and working on that knowledge for the midterms.



I can't help but think this whole run might have gone differently were the clubs not shut down for the week before midterms.  Kinda too bad, considering how interesting some of those social links get, but it gives us more studying with Chie, which is always good for a laugh.  Also, the Nanako Social Link is about to kick off.  Awesome, awkward times ahead!
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Special three-man team for episode 32.  Ryan joins up to teach Vinny and Jeff about High school girls.



Vinny and Jeff continue the Chie v. Yumi debate... and also settle it.  Drama girls, man.  Also, watching this episode reminds me how much of a Casanova Persona 4's main character can be if he feels like it.  Every girl in the school and several in the next age bracket are after him...  too bad they didn't decide to finish out the Young Mother social link.  I wanted to see where that one went.
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Man, I wish I was Persona 4's main character.

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Episode 33!  Back to the two man crew for some investigating.



Talking about the girls seems to be the only situation where Yosuke doesn't waste time, and he continues to ride the thin line between cool and annoying for me.  Gotta love Jeff's mounting anger at the team not simply talking to Kanji, though, and the complete inability to suspend disbelief when a certain Slender young man makes his way onto the scene.  And for some reason, Nanako growing up to be the leader of a biker gang seems entirely appropriate with the kind of upbringing Dojima is providing...
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The site seems to be at least partially working, which is good!  We'll still be taking the day off while order is totally restored across Whiskey Media.

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Why can't I stop watching!?
Anyway while I was re-watching these old episodes, it reminded me of how frustrated I was when Jeff and Vinny were over-looking some obvious stuff like Persona stats and their money management. I can forgive them now since this was their first time playing the game but in some areas I still felt that they relied too much on the game to tell them what to do. Also is it just me, a boy who loves to learn about things and watches the discovery channel a lot, or did some of these guys not study well in school? The questions in the school part of the game were indeed Japanese type question so it is fair for them to not know. However, how do they not know that the tallest mountain in the universe was Mon Olympus on Mars?  I'm pretty sure I learned that in school.

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There are definitely some moments where I can't help but wonder how they manage to be confused by things in the game.  The weaknesses checkbox in the analysis screen is a big one there- how can you not tell 'Drn' stands for drain?  And how many times do you have to injure yourselves to remember which enemies reflect physical damage?!

Still, that's as someone who played Persona 4 already.  And they still do awfully well in most areas of the game, so I can't get too mad at them!  And I don't know how the Mt. Olympus question almost stumped them.  Everything is bigger on other planets.  Everyone knows this.
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I guess you're right about the whole we played P4 before them and knowing stuff.
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I want to see a sort of hardboiled, noir sequel to Persona, in which Nanako takes Adachi's place as Dojima's partner, and they both go on to form a private detective agency. It's like a heart warming family story mixed with a crime thriller. Also, this all takes place just a year or so after the events of P4, so Nanako is still a kid.

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Episode 34!  A short one, but also great.  Also, the thumbnail/cover image for this episode is actually from the last episode.  Weird!



Kanji continues to be awesome, Yosuke continues to botch things every time he talks, and the Midnight Channel gets weirder than ever before.
"Where's his arm?  What's he doing?!"
"...Bad Bad Bathhouse."

As a note about the Re-Endurance Run in general, I just jogged about 2 miles to celebrate landing a job.  As a result of said job, these posts may pop up way later or way earlier than usual, and I apologize for that.  Remember, new thread after Tomorrow's episode!
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I started rewatching the Persona 4 endurance run a few days ago, and I'm on episode 46 now. I'm addicted. Again. It's funny to see the comments that I made two years ago under some of these videos, and I completely forget writing them. Anyway, these videos continue to be extremely hilarious. I only wish that I could go back in the past and tell them that they can go to the menu and see the current level of their stats (like courage) and also go to S.Links and see the days for clubs and jobs instead of trying to remember them.
But yeah, I don't think that they are playing the game wrong at all, in fact I think that some of their persona management is pretty smart. They just need to learn to explore their menus and read the descriptions of the new stuff they get. They get better with all that stuff later on though if I remember correctly. Also, Vinny is unbelievably impatient, that's something that I totally forgot about.
Anyway, these are as good as I remember and a great way for time to just fly by.

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Episode 35!  Teddy starts the awful tradition of having to search for clues before you can find the dungeon in the Midnight Channel.



Kanji's Shadow is a great awkward moment.  Also the perfect follow-up to Yukiko's shadow, due to how similar the two of them act.  The reasons behind the behavior may be totally different, but it's still a nice balance.  Can't overstate how annoying these investigation sequences in the town are, though.

New Thread tomorrow for episode 36 through 68!  Not sure when it will be going up- either really early or really late.
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New Thread is up!  The amount of double-posting I've been having to do on these has been steadily increasing and it worries me.  Check in and leave your thoughts, or the Re-ER may not make it to the end.  Publicly, at least.  I'm too far into it now to back out.
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