Re-Endure the Persona 4 Endurance Run: Round 3!

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Protagonist's cross dress outfit is based on Blood the last vampire while Yosuke looked like the girl who bullied Fuuka on persona 3.  
What made the pageant more hilarious for me was the fat girl's trash talking to the girls. chie could have galactic punted her...

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Episode 117!  In Persona 4 Portable for the PS Vita, you will finally be able to nail the teacher*.



  The continued pretense that each Endurance Run episode is actually being filmed on the day it's uploaded is one of my favorite running jokes.  Kanji finally works up the nerve to answer the phone, and it turns out it's just the front desk giving them the all clear to move out of their haunted room and to the hot springs.  Teddie Social Links up while he has the chance, and then the scene changes to the springs, where things promptly take a turn...  I love that Jeff and Vinny consider this the part where the game got weird.  The girls... spend a long while in the hot springs before an interruption by Teddie making a flying leap into the water with them.  The girls aren't amused despite the comically small towels the male side of the team is sporting and promptly drive them away with violence.  I like the fake-out stat check for courage there, but it's probably a good thing they only use it the once.
  The decision to go raid the girls' room is vastly improved by Teddie's decision to put his bear suit back on.  Of course, where this was heading was clear from the time Jeff called what the wailing sound actually was, but that doesn't make it any less great.  Jeff and Vinny's totally opposite reactions to the situation are a beautiful thing to behold.  "What the F..." "...Fucking awesome!  They make movies about this."  This is really one of those episodes you absolutely have to watch yourself.
*entire statement may actually be Horrible Lies
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(hopefully this is the right thread this time)

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Oh, so that Courage check doesn't mean anything? I was about 1 stat boost from having max courage; so I was left going "WHAT WOULD HAPPEN.. dammit".

I think getting caught by the girls in P3's hot spring scene was funnier, though.

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Episode 118!  The last episode of this thread, and the first animated cutscene we've had in a while.



  The guys kill some time at the start of the episode via Social Linking, and I can't help but wonder if anyone has ever completed Eri's S. Link on their first run of the game.  The plot starts building quickly when a Politician visits Nanako's school, and while Jeff is preoccupied thinking about possible murder suspects, Vinny is outraged by the percieved mocking of Al Gore.  Nanako derails all of that by instantly becoming sick enough to be incapable of walking upstairs, but despite the depressing nature of the scene Jeff manages to turn Get Bent into a catch-all phrase with a simple change of the inflection of his voice, which I can't help but absolutely love.
  I really feel like Jeff and Vinny somehow missed a calling by not doing infomercials for a living...  Naoto's S. Link continues, now pretty clearly leading into some sort of detective case involving the break in at her estate, the Devil Social Link continues to revolve around working at the hospital instead of boning, and mustaches are poisonous, but all of that has to take a step to the side once the Midnight Channel starts showing people again.  Things get crazy fast, with Dojima returning home and discovering a second warning letter from the killer.  With solid evidence that Charlie is involved in the case, and unable to believe any story that involves magical TV worlds and monsters made out of your inner turmoil, there's no choice but to drag Charlie to the police station for questioning and leave Nanako to freak out at home.  Again, I really don't think it would matter how close you were with someone when you're involved in serial murders, coffe mug be damned.
  The interrogation goes about as well as you'd expect when the truth involves magic, but Yosuke and Teddie manage to bumble their way into discovering what happened.  The Investigation Team moves into action as the Midnight Channel reveals for sure that Nanako is the next target, and Naoto manages to do an awful lot of talking over the phone despite being in a full run towards Dojima's house to check on her.  The rest of the team heads to the police station to get their leader out of custody, but it seems that everyone was too late to prevent the kidnapping.  The police's idea to close the case early comes back to bite Dojima in the ass, and Dojima's forced to go out on his own to find her, leaving Adachi in charge.
  A quick brainstorming session later, they've narrowed down the list of possible suspects to Taro Namatame.  Vinny and Jeff's total inability to recognize the name is still hilarious to me, as is their jumping on Adachi suspiciously for saying he's been there the whole time, despite the fact that he has literally been in the same room for a while now.  They make it around that mental stumbling block, Dojima takes off after Namatame, and a harrowing car chase ensues.  The cloud of smoke is a pretty clear indicator of how that turned out.  Clues are discovered, Nanako is missing and very likely inside the Midnight Channel, and Dojima is seriously injured and in the hospital.  Next time, a more personal rescue mission.

I'm considering starting the E3 break now, so that we can come back with a new thread when that calamity comes to a close.  Tell me what you think!  Start the new thread tomorrow, or wait and come back fresh after all of the craziness next week?
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I've gotta say, this next dungeon is the most motivated I've been to finish one, ever. I swear I finished that dungeon with less money than I started, because I paid Fox so damn much.

But yeah, I say wait until all the E3 hullabaloo is over before starting the new thread.

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@Devoid said:

But yeah, I say wait until all the E3 hullabaloo is over before starting the new thread.

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the trickiest part for p4 for me.  one wrong choice and thats it. this also could sway your thinking bec. of all the events that occured. i could say great story telling and player involvement for this part.
@Make_Me_Mad: maybe after e3
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I have sadly watched the persona 4 ER more then 4 times from beginning to end, Haha I have no life.

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I swore I'd never watch this endurance run but here I am, 80 episodes down, trying to finish Strange Journey at the same time. (Almost at Mem Aleph.)

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