So I guess someone is trying to make a Persona 4 musical?

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I don't know if this is the right board for this but I guess this is happening. I don't know if this is totally awesome or horrible. Personally I cant stand musicals but maybe a persona 4 one might be great? You can judge for yourself by listening to some of the songs in the link.


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Well, they made a Phoenix Wright Musical. I'm sure a Persona musical would do well

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After getting past the initial mindfuck I can go with the idea that I am completely fine with this.

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I can appreciate the hard work and obvious dedication involved here, but I feel like this can easily go sideways if everyone doing the acting/singing is not fully fucking into it. And I mean like the sort of into it where they wake up in the morning and go "fuck yeah, Persona 4" for no reason. I also feel like there's a certain level of pure ridiculousness (in a good way) to the Persona 4 story that you have to be aware of and fully embrace or else it all just comes off as That said, I can totally get behind this.

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I hear Jeff has signed on as a consultant and will start work after he completes Game of the Year: The Musical

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Well, they've already had a stage show, so a musical wasn't too far behind.

Oh, but this isn't actually an official thing.

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It seems like a fine fan project from what I've heard of it.

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Oh lord.... Kanji. Hahahahahahahaha

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Gah, I listened to some of it. I feel bad for talking shit about somebody's art, but it's not good. It's also weird that they've got a dude singing Chie's songs. Surely somewhere there's a girl out there who likes Persona 4 and has a decent singing voice.

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