So persona 5, would you like to see an older cast?

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#51 Posted by Soren (304 posts) -

@mutha3 said:

Oh, and I'd love to see a janitor as a protagonist. Would be so crazy and unexpected.

Something like this, perhaps? Simply name your dude "Sweepy Protagonist" and experience the magic.

#52 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@mutha3 said:

@Hailinel said:

the main themes and story concepts behind the games have remained the same.

Not really. Philemon and Nyarlothep's eternal struggle for instance,which was a huge deal in the first 2 Persona games, is literally nowhere to be found in P3 and P4.

Also: Boy, are you are selling the changes P3 made short by saying "the game mechanics are different". P3 completely changed the franchise on a fundamental level.

It did change things fundamentally, yes, but many of those changes came about as changes to other aspects of Megami Tensei as a whole. But in terms of the games being about teenagers struggling with their inner demons (quite literally in some cases) and using their powers to thwart conspiracies influencing their communities, whether it be the all-out demonic invasion of Persona, or the rumor-mongering effects of Persona 2, or Apathy Syndrome and Dark Hour in Persona 3, or the serial murders, Midnight Channel and the fog in Persona 4. The gameplay in Persona 3 altered the underlying structure of the gameplay and story progression, but basic themes that the series has held since the first installment still hold true in the fourth, with or without Philemon.

#53 Posted by Cathryn (575 posts) -

@alternate said:

Atlus have already said that they now see Persona as "the high school rpg series". Given the sucess of the last two, I can't see them messing with the formula too much. They have plenty of other games with adult casts in the SMT series.

This about sums it up, I think <3

Though personally, I think it'd be fun to see some older characters, and mix things up a bit. Highly unlikely, but we can all dream, I guess.

#54 Posted by benjaebe (2870 posts) -

Considering how they handled Catherine, they're certainly capable of doing older characters that we can still relate to. That being said, there's something charming about the "high school RPG" setting where you still have to go to class, join clubs, etc etc.

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