What happened to the other P4 guides?

#1 Posted by Blueblur1 (352 posts) -

The last time I checked the P4 guides section there were a couple of guides. That was before the site was relaunched earlier this year. Did all of those guides get wiped out??

#2 Edited by ArbitraryWater (12875 posts) -

Yep. It was changed so that there is only one guide per-game.

#3 Posted by BigJeffrey (5137 posts) -

GameFaq.com, CBS owned go there, also watch Two and A Half Men.

#4 Posted by Blueblur1 (352 posts) -

Yep. It was changed so that there is only one guide per-game.

Dude, that sucks. One guide per game? Did they ever specify why that change was made?

Those guides were useful as a super quick reference since I hate having to use plain GameFAQs text files or use Ctrl+F to search for specific stuff in vhaste's PDF guide. Ughhhhhhh.

#5 Posted by BigJeffrey (5137 posts) -

@blueblur1: I think they ending up going with that since they are owned by CBS and gamefaqs is a sister site.

#6 Posted by Blueblur1 (352 posts) -

@bigjeffrey: Makes sense. But damn, it's still pretty lame.

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