What is your favorite P4: The Animation episode? (8-13)

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For reference:

Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13

(Not really any stand-out moments for Episode 11 so I just went with what had more impact on me at the time)

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Episode 13 is out? Gotta go!

But first I'll say episode 12 is the best episode they've done so far, love the original stuff, that episode gave me a real mindfuck moment especially when they skipped the Mitsuo fight I thought my player was bugging out. Everyone was leaving and Yu was depressed and alone, I knew something was up but not what

Loved it, especially the fight with the great remix of the music

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I found 8 to be shockingly effective and I would like to see them do more things like it.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

(Not really any stand-out moments for Episode 11 so I just went with what had more impact on me at the time)

You mean tits :P? Oh, and I'll go with episode 8.

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I did not know this was out at all thanks for posting this. What is the name it's going by? Persona 4? or Shin?

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@EightBitShik: Persona 4: The Animation.

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@FluxWaveZ: Simple enough thank you.

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My favorite episode was definitely number 12. For me, it's the best episode in the series to date. Intentionally confusing at first, I was impressed by how they executed the illusion, something that I don't think would work as well in the game itself. The whole conclusion with the Persona rush and the music was also awesome.

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Huh. This show has definitely been improving a lot. With the earlier episodes, the decision was easy, but I actually had to think about this one.

It comes down between episode 9,12 and 13. 9 was a really well-done introduction to Rise's character(though, I think episode 10 doesn't work off it as strongly as it should have..), 12 was a really cleverly set-up twist with an awesome payoff, and 13 was just fun as hell. Nanako fanservice overload, and I think they've captured her character a little better in this episode then they have in the past.

Overall, I think 13 takes it. It had the most laughs per minute rating. Nanako is also my favorite character, soooooo....

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