What Movie Would You Watch?

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#2 Posted by DonutFever (3817 posts) -

How did F get there?

#3 Posted by ajamafalous (12448 posts) -

Lol'd at C.

#4 Posted by cap123 (2467 posts) -

F. Dojima in quirky canned laughter sitcom.

#5 Posted by DonutFever (3817 posts) -
@cap123 said:
" F. Dojima in quirky canned laughter sitcom. "
I wanted to tie Dojima into the Cop/Drama. Maybe he could have a movie like The Expendables, that has all of the adult characters of P4 fighting in South America. Namatame VS. Day Care Lady.
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G. Riddle Brother street drama  ala 8 mile

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F. Rise - Romantic drama in which a used and broken idol's soul is saved by a boy who saw past her persona from the moment he met her.
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Goddamn, how did I not make a Fox/Funky Heist movie? They rob a bank full of emas with riddles written on them.

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Can you edit Polls? Probably not, but I CAN DREAM BABY!

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I choose Teddie, simply because Pixar movies are always good. It's the safest choice.

#11 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6652 posts) -

F. Kanji - Boyz Gone Wild

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@SlashseveN303 said:
" I choose Teddie, simply because Pixar movies are always good. It's the safest choice. "
I suppose Teddie could also be in Precious.
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cop drama. like dirty harry but with dojima. tell me that wouldn't be the best movie ever.

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Motherfucking A.  
Yes, it was necessary. And yes they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in hell!

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F- Fox/funky student comedy, maybe something like pineapple express. You know what that fox is selling, and that riddle brother is buying! 

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F.  Nanako's Happy Fun-time Junes Sing-along

#18 Posted by iAmJohn (6149 posts) -

Oh my God A so fucking hard. 
@Bloviator said:

" F.  Nanako's Happy Fun-time Junes Sing-along "
Or this.
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@Bloviator said:

" F.  Nanako's Happy Fun-time Junes Sing-along "

its over the thread can be ended now
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Chie is a cop on the edge.

#22 Posted by Roldan (35 posts) -

I picked Teddie's Pixar movie but i would've picked Chie's Cop-drama movie if Dojima was her boss.

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