What's your character's name?

#1 Posted by DickDarlington (107 posts) -

Just started playing after they started doing their endurance run videos.

I named my character Kintaro Oe, the name of the main character in Golden Boy.

Just curious what names the rest of you picked.

#2 Posted by License_To_Bill (792 posts) -

Bill Coolguy. 'Cause I'm a cool guy.

#3 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6535 posts) -

Fuq Jayarpeegees.

#4 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1917 posts) -

Carlito Cabada. My name.

#5 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

They ask for a first and last name...that's what I gave them. "That" = my real name.

#6 Posted by GHT (164 posts) -

I put in my real name.

the game is more personal that way.

#7 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -
Kush said:
"They ask for a first and last name...that's what I gave them. "That" = my real name."
GHT said:
"I put in my real name.

the game is more personal that way."
I can't do that. It just doesn't feel right to me, seeing characters refer to me by my actual name.
So I use Souji Seta, the name used in the manga.
#8 Edited by jlrm01 (1992 posts) -

I use Yorlli as the first name (my joke "Spanish spelling" of Georgie) , and my real last name (but just a part of it) in almost all the games that allow me to enter a name (or last name).

#9 Posted by matrix_hiei (143 posts) -

my real name

#10 Posted by Coltonio7 (3156 posts) -

Persona 3: Cocks Erection!

Persona 4: Peepee Mcgee

I love it in 3 because it says 'Cocks Erection has surged with power!'

#11 Posted by NickL (2247 posts) -

not for persona 4 cause i havent played it, but usually Q Bert

#12 Posted by Travis (212 posts) -

My real name.

#13 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8609 posts) -

I put my real name for this one. I feel "engrossed" now hehe.

#14 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -
Coltonio7 said:
"Persona 3: Cocks Erection!

Persona 4: Peepee Mcgee

I love it in 3 because it says 'Cocks Erection has surged with power!'"
That's pretty classy.
#15 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

Whenever I can name anything I'll usually name it something to do with other video games/TV shows/movies

#16 Posted by Coltonio7 (3156 posts) -
LordAndrew said:
"Coltonio7 said:
"Persona 3: Cocks Erection!

Persona 4: Peepee Mcgee

I love it in 3 because it says 'Cocks Erection has surged with power!'"
That's pretty classy.
It makes the game WAY funnier.

"Do you like kids, Cocks?"
#17 Posted by MATTAZN (22 posts) -

I use my real name for RPGs, usually.

#18 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

For a game like Persona, the name has to sound Japanese, otherwise it'll drive me crazy.

#19 Posted by Silverevilchao (26 posts) -

Souji Seta.

Yeah, I'm a complete wuss who goes by the manga name. Surprisingly, I don't do the same for Zelda or FFX.

#20 Posted by ZombiePie (5789 posts) -

I had fun and called my character Baron Deathkill.

I really am not a big JRPG fan but this game caught me so completely off guard and amazed me that I may go back to some other JRPGs I missed.

#21 Posted by narco122 (1 posts) -

ok well iv been watchin the endurance run and im considering buying the game but i need to no do you get controle over the character full i should say because all iv seen in the endurance run is not much but the storys not bad

#22 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3103 posts) -

The first couple hours of the game are used to develop the story and characters, so you don't control the main character that much. But after you unlock the first dungeon, you have complete control for most of the game.

#23 Posted by TheWiFiJedi (58 posts) -

my names Sebastian

#24 Posted by Driadon (3045 posts) -
License_To_Bill said:
"Bill Coolguy. 'Cause I'm a cool guy."
Persona's a pretty cool guy. eh fights shadows and doesn't afraid of anything.

I went with a nickname a friend gave me, Shoda, simply because it sounds Japanese (I actually think it is.../googles)
#25 Posted by ValkyrieGoddess (1922 posts) -

Syn Mamoto.

#26 Posted by Spiritof (2127 posts) -

Your Mom's.

#27 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6319 posts) -

Xavier British, because I am an overflowing well of creativity.

#28 Posted by PersonaLuna (5 posts) -

My is Zero Cooke

#29 Posted by ma_rc_01 (366 posts) -

Haven't played it yet but I'm considering Persona Guy

#30 Posted by LiquidPrince (16237 posts) -

I just bought the game today. I named my character Takashi Matsumo. I was gonna name him Takashi Matsumoto, but I didn't have enough space for his last name.

#31 Posted by Teptom (2047 posts) -

Chrono Trigger is the name of my silent t.v. entering warrior.

#32 Posted by Steven (247 posts) -

Charlie Tenoku, because I don't have a playstation of any sort and I can only watch Jeff and Vinny...which is okay with me, all I care about is the story.

But I typically use my own name, so if I were to have this game then that's what I'd do.

#33 Posted by JC52236 (15 posts) -

Hironaka Mori, which I got from combining the first and last names of two different Japanese Fields Medalists (Heisuke Hironaka in 1970 and Shigefumi Mori in 1990)... heh yea I'm a nerd ^_^

#34 Posted by DickDarlington (107 posts) -

It's just too weird to use my real name in games. In this case it wouldn't fit the game. Plus I would feel odd if I made a choice or did something in the game that I'd never do in real life.

#35 Posted by VibratingDonkey (894 posts) -

Frank Lee.

1. Because Bruce Lee.
2. Because frankly, it's a word.

#36 Posted by Mistral (113 posts) -

Shoji Meguro.

What? He's the reason the Persona games(and Digital Devil Saga games and Nocturne and...) have awesome music. >> I regret putting him through music club in my first playthrough, though. Music girl is so...not supposed to be a high schooler/love interest.

#37 Posted by Rio (595 posts) -

If I was playing I would name my character     Oh Dae-su      (props to anyone who knows the reference)

ps.  I know its a korean name.

#38 Posted by DeadMonkeys (827 posts) -

Max Lovins (Erotic PI)

#39 Posted by Majinken (136 posts) -

Kakugo Iina. I went the Ace Attorney route of naming characters ridiculously obvious things.

#40 Posted by some_hard_surface_artist (12 posts) -

Razor Callahan.

#41 Posted by Hector (3382 posts) -

My own name Hector Banegas

#42 Posted by RipTheVeins (1546 posts) -

I would use my real name in RPG's but it usually doesn't fit within the Japanese settings, so I go with Ichigami Hotori...yeah, two first names :P

#43 Posted by Shadow (4988 posts) -

When I finish P3 FES and get this one, I'll either use my real name, or I'll just name him Youske for max confusion

#44 Posted by RipTheVeins (1546 posts) -

although I'm thinking about switching things up in the future by naming my characters either Alize(female) or Kaemon(male) with the last name of Outacite since it would come out to mean "joyful man-killer"

#45 Posted by Sneakybadger (227 posts) -


best name ever IMO although my names alex so it makes no sence :S

#46 Posted by Coltonio7 (3156 posts) -

Cocks Erection!

(( ! mark included ))

#47 Posted by AutomaticSnake (390 posts) -

hairy ass

#48 Posted by DirrtyNinja (715 posts) -
Barry Balls
#49 Posted by Hailinel (25205 posts) -

My first playthrough, I named him Ran Kazama.  My second playthrough is with Souji Seta.

#50 Posted by trav3ler (168 posts) -

Vladimir Sandvich

Because I was really really high.

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