Where Can I Find Some Good Pictures for Reference?

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I'm looking for screenshots (or well-done fan art) of the cast in the outfits they wear on Sundays and Holidays (both for Summer and Winter). There is no official concept art of these (at least not full body), and I haven't been able to find anything. It seems impossible to find good full body references (with legs and shoes). So it'd be great if someone could help. =) Thanks!

P.S. While I'm at it, I guess I'll put a link to my tumblr, where I post simple Fan Art of various video game characters in a Powerpuff Girls Style. (I already have Charlie Tunoku up there, and the rest of the cast will join him in time!) Check it out - puffpuffs.tumblr.com

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@Mike_Sandbag: I've always thought the Art Book that came with the game was pretty detailed (the Japanese version especially). I'm not going to give it to you for legal purposes but it's so easy to find the scans yourself anyway. But have you watched the P4 Anime? or looked at some screenshots for Mayonaka Arena (the P4 fighting game)? Lot's of images to get there.

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