automaticsnake's Persona 4 (PlayStation 2) review

Very repetitive, but an ok game.

 I have never played a Persona game before. Being my first Persona game i wasn't too sure what i was getting my self into. So i start the game and i get a cartoon cut scene of some guy with a huge nose talking about some stuff i didn't understand... so then he asks for my name. So i write down my name (kinda reminded me of a pokemon game), and the game finally begins...

So i'm this city kid who is sent to live with his uncle in a country town. As soon as i get there i meet him and his daughter. We go to his house i go to sleep and i start school. So i go to school and meet some friends, and one day they tell you about a rumor, that if you watch TV at midnight your soul mate will appear. So i check it out and i almost fall in the TV.. and i tell them the next day, so we go to a store with a big TV and find out we can go inside of it. Inside you meet this guy Teddy, which is kinda like a toy bear i guess. Well he tells you someone is throwing people inside the TV! And with all the murders that are going on around town you think that person must be throwing people in the TV to kill them. So you and your friends start to investigate who is the killer all through the game...

Gameplay is... well... how should i put it... well you press X a lot. Not much to it... it's mostly just pressing X as you see you character talk to people around the school and town. You wake up in the morning, go to school, decide who you want to hang out with after school, go back home and decide if you want to sleep/study/read book/watchtv... repeat this over and over. There is also some fighting inside the TV, but most of the time you will spend outside just talking to people and hitting X. Inside the TV dungeons you can level up and stuff, as you reach the boss of the dungeon so you can save who ever got thrown in the TV. Yeah well... the game is very repetitive.

Not much i can say about the graphics... they are not bad and not that great either. It looks alright for a PS2 game i guess.

I was surprised on how much voice acting there is in it. It's all well done as well. And there is even cursing in the game! I wasn't expecting that in a game like this but you will hear all types of cursing, awesome! The music is really gay though...

The best thing i can think about this game i guess is the length. If you like long games well this one is pretty long... i guess at least 40 hours if you rush it. Probably 100 hours to complete it all.

Posted by Neon941

Not quite sure what to say. Seems you gave the game a fair look, but this sounds more like you casually talking to a friend than writting a review. I don't really get a sense for what the game is like, or what justifies your score. 
Also you can't describe the music as 'gay' and expect anyone to take you seriously. Try "the music really wasn't to my taste" and say why. Also remember to capitalise i when talking about yourself.
Posted by AutomaticSnake
@Neon941:  lol wtf. you think im gonna waste my time writing a professional review? lol. anyway i know there are a lot of P4 fans in this site cuz of the endurance run vids, but this game is not a 5 star game like most people are giving it in this site. This game is no way higher then 3 1/2 stars.

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