djstyles92's Persona 4 (PlayStation 2) review

Best game to end the ps2 era

Ok let me get this out of the way: I love rpgs, always have.  The story begins with your typical no named protagonist who has just moved to a small quiet town, Inaba.  Right away murders happen and your character gets involved and has to stop the murders.  The story is one of the games strongest points.  The graphics, for a ps2 game, are very good.  It really is a departure from persona 3, which had a gloomier kind of art style.  The anime sections are done great, they are colorful, vibrant and very well drawn.  The in-game graphics are good but not great, they are often blurry but the dungeon and enemy designs are just fantastic.   Now the music.  I personally loved the music, from the opening song all the way to the end song.  If you like catchy j-pop with american lyrics then you'll love the music.  The battle song is probably the catchiest and will get stuck in your head.  Its a very well designed game that will keep you intrigued throughout the 60+ hours it will take you to finish your first playthrough.  After your first playthrough, you can continue with your stats, courage, knowledge etc, and you keep your compendium.  If you remotely like jrpgs then you will definitely like Persona 4.  I cannot recommend this game more.  Story 5/5  Music 5/5(subtract if you don't like j-pop)  Gameplay 4/5  Gameplay can be a little stiff, in the dungeons, until you get used to the controls  Graphics 4/5  A Little blurry  Longevity/replay value  5/5  Lasts about 60 hours on the first playthrough and then there is a lot of incentive to play it again.  Overall  5/5  At 30 bucks, Do NOT miss this game.


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