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164563 Venatio Game Overview Just updating info 03/01/15 02:53PM 10 Approved
152553 umhyuk Game Overview 01/04/15 04:42AM 2 Approved
144106 vocalcannibal Game Overview Made some of the plot points more accurate and provided more details on specific events between dungeons, etc. 11/01/14 06:33PM 163 Approved
133748 Jeff Game Overview 09/02/14 03:54PM 4 Approved
116563 Deusoma Game Overview 06/22/14 12:35AM 27 Approved
103947 conmulligan Game Overview 05/03/14 07:17PM 1 Approved
98839 Minalear Game Overview I fixed the formatting issue with the characters, since the site doesn't preserve white space. I just added tables; no actual content was changed. 04/08/14 01:49AM 1 Approved
98115 BlackLagoon New Release 04/04/14 03:25AM 7 Approved
98114 BlackLagoon Game Overview PSN. 04/04/14 03:23AM 3 Approved
96891 Minalear Game Overview I think the summary shouldn't assume knowledge about another game, but should stand on its own. If someone more familiar with the series can write something better, I would appreciate it. 03/29/14 03:14AM 6 Approved
96811 Jagged85 Game Overview 03/28/14 06:49PM 17 Approved
93478 Jedted Game Guide 03/14/14 08:10PM 1 Approved
93477 Jedted Game Guide 03/14/14 08:03PM 1 Approved
93476 Jedted Game Guide 03/14/14 08:01PM 11 Approved
93475 Hailinel Game Overview Added information on the game's sequels. 03/14/14 07:58PM 38 Approved
93474 Jedted Game Guide 03/14/14 07:46PM 1 Approved
93473 Jedted Game Guide 03/14/14 07:45PM 139 Approved
93471 Jedted Game Guide 03/14/14 06:46PM 1 Approved
71905 Hailinel Game Overview Removed the Shin Megami Tensei franchise association. Despite the title, this is a Megami Tensei game, not Shin Megami Tensei. 11/28/13 02:33PM 3 Approved
63666 Cogzwell Game Overview minor spelling mistake, second use of "or" where not needed in the Death Arcana description 10/16/13 06:56PM 1 Approved
50999 Giesela Game Overview 08/20/13 02:05AM 4 Approved
42599 Hailinel Game Overview Fixed a typo. 07/13/13 12:06AM 1 Approved
42132 Eviternal Game Overview Three very minor typo corrections: Possible Ending (Good Ending): "and g one home" to "and gone home". Rise's Character description: "servers a support role" to "serves a support role". The Hermit arcana: "being al one" to "being alone". Thanks GB mods/staff! 07/10/13 07:30AM 1 Approved
31667 LordAndrew Game Overview Fixed typo 05/22/13 10:37AM 1 Approved
26661 Hailinel Game Overview Added missing words to a sentence. 04/30/13 06:22PM 1 Approved
26489 Giesela Game Overview 04/30/13 05:20AM 2 Approved
21196 Hailinel Game Overview Updated the section on the remake and sequel. 04/10/13 06:50PM 7 Approved
21195 Hailinel Game Overview Updated the section on the game's adaptations. 04/10/13 06:46PM 6 Approved
21012 mracoon Game Overview 04/10/13 08:36AM 1 Approved
15700 Anasastu Game Overview Changes toward the beginning. Should be easier to read now. 03/21/13 09:20AM 14 Approved
7566 myheaditches Game Overview Changed "it's" (contraction) to "its" (possessive). 02/22/13 08:25PM 1 Approved
5748 Jedted Game Guide Added Fusion Guide for Margret's S-Link. 02/19/13 11:44AM 92 Approved
4366 Bishna Game Overview Spruced up the formatting in the characters section. I think it might have gotten borked with the redesign. 02/17/13 08:17AM 14 Approved
2214 Fallen189 Game Overview stuff 02/14/13 05:21PM 2 Approved
501 Asky314159 Game Releases 02/12/13 05:58PM 72 Approved

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