Anyone played the English version? need help

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Ok, dumb question. Someone put up screens of the english version on the wiki... 
Anyways, long ago I began playing the english version of this game. I recently tried to do it, but because my computer died last year, I had to re-download all the files. Now, no matter what emulator I use, I simply can't get it to run correctly. I end up in the little hallway with nonsense. The second game works fine! If I remember correctly, I thought the game could only run in SNES 9X, which my dad's PC refuses to run. The mobile version doesn't run correctly. Can anyone help me? 
Oh, and mods, if this is illegal... uh, sorry. I forgot.
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@BoG: Does this mean you have to lock your own thread?

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Nah, this is totally fine, you've got my permission to discuss this topic. I'll go back and play the older stuff eventually, I'm sure. I'm working my way through Nocturne for the first time right now... I'm finding it hard to keep going. I really like the atmosphere that game's got going for it. The art design an music are just fantastic. The story's fine so far, too. But man, I'm just so damn nervous that I won't make it to the next save point. Whenever I find myself near a save point and a soul healer, I feel like I need to stick around and over-level just to be safe. It's been working fine so far (well, since I learned my lesson by losing an hour of progress by dying in the stupid Amala Network. I'm determined to finish it, though.

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